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Where does baseball talent come from?

Ask not what your talent can do for you but what you can do for your talent. When I think about talent and how important it is to have, I remember something that an old coach of mine once said about skills. ” Take a look at a kid’s talent and then go over to a tree. Shake it and out will fall a dozen just like him”. The reason why I love this game is because though it may bless those with talent, to be a truly gifted player, you need something that is beyond talent. If I had to give it a word to describe it I would use the word, DESIRE. Talent will only take you so far. The question will always be how far will you take your talent?

-Art of Baseball Productions

Desire is more powerful than any list of baseball tips or hitting drills.

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1 Hitting habit you should stop now: Rotational or Staying on top?

Through the course of my baseball career I have heard a handful of baseball hitting terms like “throw the hands”, “stay on top of the ball”, “stay inside”, “get back spin”, “hit the innner half”.

A lot of young hitters have been taught that going straight to the ball means taking the hands from were they are in the hitting stance to the point of contact.

Coaches use the rule of thumb that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Yes this may be true, but we arent connecting dots we are trying to hit a fast ball coming down at an angle. The higher level we play at, the harder this becomes.

I’m not a fan of terms like “chop down on the ball”, “Get back spin”, or “go straight to the ball”, simply becuase the terms teaches the hitters to have their bat head cut the hitting zone in half instead of staying through it for as long as humanly possible.

Chopping down on the ball will take away the time that your bat stays in the zone, and ask any professional baseball players that see’s 90+ fast balls on a daily basis. Having the correct bat plane is everything.

If you need proof of what bat angle you should take, simply look at the bat head of any big league hitter. Imagine a square box floating above the plate. Look at the swing plane and you will see that the bat head comes through the side of the box, so that the swing plane is level with the trajectory of the pitch.

Their swing doesn’t cut through the box!

Luckily this is a simple adjustment that can be fixed with tee work. You can find a list of hitting tips and drills here. As well as other batting tips throughout this site.

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How to play baseball like a Robot: Using rituals

Regardless of who you are. How talented you may be, or who you play for. Playing baseball every day is an absolute grind. Ground ball after ground ball. Pitch after pitch. Sprint after sprint. Over the course of a season, being consistent is very difficult. Not having a mental and physical approach to rely on will make it that much harder. You have to be programed to think and feel in a certain way(consistently) like a robot analyzes it’s surroundings.

It’s computer programs are consistent regardless of the situation.

Having a specific approach is a lot like having a daily ritual. Without doing this specific ritual, something just isn’t right.

Success is within your control.

The great thing about an having a ritual or approach is that it reminds you that there somethings in baseball that are within your control to be successful at. Regardless of how many times you strike-out, you can always be successful in preparing for an at-bat exactly the same way. You can boot a ground ball, but nobody can ever take away sprinting to your position between innings. Being consistent with using rituals tricks your mind into thinking that you have a sense of control with the success you experience in baseball on a daily basis. This is a very powerful emotion.

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How to hit high-velocity fastballs: 93mph+


Stay tuned for up and coming baseball video tips that give tips on hitting high velocity fastballs.

Its just a simple fact of the game, the higher level you play at, the harder the pitchers throw on a consistent basis. A lot of hitters get weeded out early on because they never quite were able to make adjustments to the higher velocities.

In Division 1 and affiliate ball, you better believe that each team has at least three guys who were born with a fast arm and the god given ability to know how to throw hard.

A young player may look at higher velocities and think they will never be able hit that increased velocity of a fastball. I remember when I was 14; I thought that 88 mph was just way to fast!

Now it looks like how 80mph looked like my freshman year in high school.

It’s mostly about getting adjusted to it.

Just like lifting weights. When you have just started lifting weights a certain weight may be heavier, but as you continue to put in the repetitions and develop stronger muscles, the weight gets lighter. Its the same with hitting increased velocity. It takes repetitions for your eyes to get adjusted to the pitches. 85mph may seem fast but after seeing 88 to 90; 85 seems slower right?

I remember when I first saw 90 plus on a daily basis. I was afraid that I would never get used to it. After facing 2009s first pick overall, Stephen Strasburg, who topped out at 101 miles an hour that day, the next week I couldn’t tell the difference between 93 and 86-87. I just saw the ball differently.

Hitting higher velocities calls for a few things to be done:

1) Know how to use your eyes
2) Staying short to the ball
3) Get your foot down in time
4) Have a rhythm
5) Start your rhythm earlier than normal
6) Be aggressive

Another way I would prepare myself to hitting a guy who knew how to throw hard is while on deck I would time his delivery. I would calculate how long his pitching mechanics took him to throw the ball. Once I would calibrate that. I would just start my rhythm a little bit earlier.

Hitting high velocities is all about timing.

To put it simple with the above things in mind, it simply takes enough reps of seeing high velocity to get used to it but there are a few drills to mimic higher velocity.


While taking front toss; have a friend move the screen a little bit closer. This will give you less time to react. You can also ask him to increase the speed moving his arm at a higher speed.



Watch a televised game. Watch the rhythm of the professional hitters. Try to mimic the same rhythm. Chances are there hitting a 90 plus mile an hour fastball. Notice how they get their foot down.

Practice this timing.

Good luck!

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