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Josh Donaldson Success Principles: Tricking Your Baseball Mind & Valuing Learning Over Success.

Some of you may have notice that Josh Donaldson seemingly came out of nowhere.

He broke into the major leagues as a catcher for Oakland, started playing third base, got traded to the Blue-Jays and now is one of the best players on the planet.

It’s surreal for me because we grew up playing together. We played travel ball and competed against each other every all-star season.

From a young age, it was pretty obvious that he was the REAL DEAL.

The funny thing is, he never really dominated. He was a great player with incredible instinct. but never the player to lead the league in home runs or hit .500.

He was a solid player with a consistent approach. Plus he played the game with reckless abandon.

Something I’d like for you to learn how to do.

In this Baseball Success Principle with Josh Donaldson, he’s going to share with you 5 principles that will change how you play this game.


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5 Baseball Tips Quotes that will light the inner fire!

The greatest rewards that Baseball has to offer belongs to the players with courage. Those that have chosen to live this way must be prepared for everything that comes with it. Failure, heartache, injury, and ridicule. Adding the element of courage to the recipe of baseball will produce great power, but with great power come an even greater amount of responsibility.


You must be willing to go farther than what is asked of you. If you aspire to be great, you will be. If as a baseball player you are satisfied with mediocrity, and think average work will get you by, you will probably fall below it.


Get familiar with baseball history and it’s heroes. You can learn a lot from the courage, innocents, and passion that players like Jackie Robinson, Roberto Clemente, Ichiro Suzuki, Curt Flood, and  Hank Aaron displayed as well as the adversity they experienced and overcame.


For those of you with average talent. For those of you with average skills, you my not have exceptional speed, power, accuracy or hand-eye coordination. So you will have to develop your mind. Specifically the mental images you hold in your head. This is the master-key to reaching your potential.


Making consistent contact with high velocity is simple once you have understood the concept of rhythm and timing. If you can master this, no pitcher can beat you with just a fastball.

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Swing and a miss- Strike Outs are a good thing!

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

-Muhammid Ali
Tell me… frustrating does it feel to look at a called third strike? Or to swing and miss on a pitch that you should of crushed. Striking out is never a pleasant experience, but as a hitter you have to realize one thing. Striking out is essential. You have to fail in order to succeed.

The moment you can take each failure and use it as a stepping stone. Not allowing your emotions affect your approach, you will not only have an advantage over your opponent,
but also the players your competing against for playing time.

You have to respond to failure with empowerment.

With each failure, you actually grow more confident.

Can you do this? Can you swing, miss, fail,and continue on.

Keep fighting.

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