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Not hitting? Blame the baseball!

Not Hitting? Blame The Baseball!


As you know, sometimes the solution to a problem can be quiet counterintuitive.

Sometimes the answer is the EXACT opposite to the solution that we initially proposed in our mind!

For example, if a young ballplayer is struggling during batting practice, the logical response from a parent or coach would be as follows:


“Try harder!”

“Apply more effort”

“Take it more seriously”

Here is what I’ve noticed while giving private bat speed lessons.

To a young player, concentrating harder to them, means squinting their eyes, gritting their teeth, tightening their grip and puckering up.

Like their parents, they’re are unaware that the process of concentration first begins with letting go and yielding to the flow of the process.

This is very important.

How do I get young kids to do this?


I get them to reframe how they’re perceiving the practice and their performance.

The trick is to make things fun with ZERO RISK! (Key phrase.)

A child’s mind is spontaneous so my hitting lessons have to follow suite.

I’ll show exactly how I approach doing this in this video!


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What did you think of this video?

What do you do when you’re struggling during a batting practice? What did you think about this approach?

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Do You Have a Swing Virus?


Do you have a baseball swing virus?

One of the things I value most about being a private hitting instructor is that I’m reminded that there is always more than one way to be successful.

While working with kids of all ages, I see that each player has their own strengths and weakness.

My goal is to help them develop their strengths to turn them into assets or weapons and to work on their weaknesses enough so that they don’t become liabilities.

When it come to dealing with BAD HABITS or what I like to call ” Swing Viruses” – we have to find what’s causing the mechanical flaw before making any progress.

The thing is however – most coaches and players approach fixing hitting problems by focusing solely on working on bad habits instead of on building new good habits.

Honest mistake.

In this video I will be talking about common “Swing Viruses” and what your approach should/could be to solving it.

What are your thoughts?

Do you have and bad habits in your swing that you’re trying to solve? What are some hitting drills and techniques that you’ve been working on?

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Baseball Virtue #11: How to Be Brave


Bravery – A quality of spirit that enables you to face danger of pain without showing fear.

The biggest win we will ever achieve as ballplayers is the understanding that as athletes, we have a choice.

A choice to swing or take.

To jog or sprint.

To throw or eat the baseball.

The choice is what will determine your outcome as a player who set himself apart from his team-mates and opponents.

The biggest loss is failing to see the choice. The biggest loss is assuming that how you respond to what happens to you in baseball is not within your power to dictate.

Yes there are things in this game that are beyond your control but the right to demonstrate bravery for instance is entirely within your right.

It takes bravery to stay in on a 90 mph slider coming at your head and then ending up in the strike-zone.

It takes bravery to want the fifth at-bat.

It takes bravery to dust yourself off and continue to play this game as if you’ve never failed.

Be brave and watch yourself become a player beyond what you thought possible by first committing to this truth.

You have a choice.


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How To Work On Your Swing When Your Coach Is Not Doing His Job


I had a really good question from an AoB fan the other day…

J.D wanted to know how he can avoided the typical flaws in a swing that most high-school baseball players have to deal with throughout a season while having to play under a coach who isn’t doing a good job of providing the right kind of feedback that guides him to make the right adjustments that are needed.

There is nothing worse than a bad baseball coach who isn’t in it for the right reasons.

Don’t worry J.D. I gotcha covered!

In this AoB T.V episode I’ll share with you two MAJOR ideas that will help change your mind-set so that after dealing with challenges at the plate, the only person you’ll ever need to depend on for hitting advice is yourself.

Of course it’s always helpful to receive advice from those that can help you but if they’re not there you’ll have the tools and resources to get the job done on your own terms!

Watch the video below.

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