Regardless of who you are. How talented you may be, or who you play for. Playing baseball every day is an absolute grind. Ground ball after ground ball. Pitch after pitch. Sprint after sprint. Over the course of a season, being consistent is very difficult. Not having a mental and physical approach to rely on will make it that much harder. You have to be programed to think and feel in a certain way(consistently) like a robot analyzes it’s surroundings.

It’s computer programs are consistent regardless of the situation.

Having a specific approach is a lot like having a daily ritual. Without doing this specific ritual, something just isn’t right.

Success is within your control.

The great thing about an having a ritual or approach is that it reminds you that there somethings in baseball that are within your control to be successful at. Regardless of how many times you strike-out, you can always be successful in preparing for an at-bat exactly the same way. You can boot a ground ball, but nobody can ever take away sprinting to your position between innings. Being consistent with using rituals tricks your mind into thinking that you have a sense of control with the success you experience in baseball on a daily basis. This is a very powerful emotion.

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