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Screen shot 2014-02-22 at 1.15.26 PMThanks for stopping by. If you’re not one of the thousands upon thousands of subscribers of this website, you’re probably thinking, “who the HECK is this guy…why should I listen to him?” Well….I hope to answer those questions below while telling you a little bit about myself.

Here goes.

When I was a kid, I loved playing baseball. I wanted to do it everyday. As I got older I realized that if I wanted to keep playing this game, I would have to face my fears. At first I was afraid. I wanted to give up, quit, and go home. But I didn’t. Then one day I read something that I will never forget.

“Baseball will give you every opportunity to succeed, then the next day will put every ounce of pressure on you to prove that you don’t have what it takes. It will never ease up on the pressure, and will never take away the opportunity.”

I’d like to think that when it comes to baseball, I have a story to tell. From my 20+ years of playing I hope that I have something to offer you in terms of advice. I was talented, but not the best. Not the smartest, but I had a penchant for hard work that I seemed to have developed in high school.

So you’re probably wondering what’s the purpose right? Why publish a site about baseball advice and techniques when there seems to already be plenty of it on the web.

Well for many reasons. But the main one is to give the average baseball player HOPE. The truth is, though baseball is a beautiful game, it can break your heart. I want to help you deal with that struggle to succeed.

My 5 baseball philosopies

1. If you’re a baseball parent player or coach and you’re teaching your son/player to have a results based perspective for success in baseball…he will never reach his true potential.

2. If you’re a player who takes pride in working hard but doesn’t have an effective strategy for working smart, you will fall victim to making the same mistakes over and over and over again. Work ethic is great, but one side of the coin.

3. If you don’t have “High Character” and you don’t have the level of talent as a Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Stephen Strasburg or Derek Jeter, you will never reach your true potential. Guys like them can get away with being selfish, have poor social skills or even lack self esteem because they can rely on their physical gifts to overcome basic baseball challenges. Very few people have that ability which is why I believe Character is the 6th baseball tool.

4. For hitters…if you don’t master the ability to achieve proper separation, bat path/plane while minimizing head movement, you will NEVER achieve your potential as a great hitter.

5. If you don’t know how to deal with failure in an effective way…you will never reach your true potential. PERIOD. We play a failure man’s game. If you can’t deal with failure…you’re hosed.

My Mission

I have always wanted a source that I could use for reference when I was in a slump or just needed some genuine baseball advice. I never found one, so I thought,”Hey, I’ll just make one!”

I don’t think a lot of other baseball sites do that.

Screen shot 2014-02-22 at 1.20.37 PM

Going 0-4 sucks. I know. Making a key error can make you loose your confidence. I wan’t to inspire you to understand that it doesn’t have to be that way. Not being able to throw strikes is something that all pitchers will go through. I want to tell you stories of players that overcame those obstacles.

To put it plainly, the MISSION of this blog is this.

“To legitimize the belief of having and developing principles and values like faith, courage, humility,vision, and honor, as s valid tool and approach to success in baseball.”

A lot of focus has been put on how to hit a fastball, throw strikes, and be overall consistent. But very little has been focused on the type of man you have to be to make a career of this game.

I have spent hours searching the web for the best advice on baseball, read countless books on the mental game of baseball, techniques, and approaches. I have followed many of the online pitching and hitting gurus that have made a name for themselves and now I want to share with you everything I have learned from all of these resources…

…For Free!

I still consider myself a student of the game as much as I consider myself a student of life. I haven’t found the answer, I don’t hold the key, but I have the strength and passion to continue searching, and more importantly, I have an idea of what question I need to ask.

My name is Mark Brooks, and I wan’t to show you how to use courage, faith, patience, and inspiration to hit a fastball, develop arm strength, speed, power, and instincts!

Come join me:)

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