Ask not what your talent can do for you but what you can do for your talent. When I think about talent and how important it is to have, I remember something that an old coach of mine once said about skills. ” Take a look at a kid’s talent and then go over to a tree. Shake it and out will fall a dozen just like him”. The reason why I love this game is because though it may bless those with talent, to be a truly gifted player, you need something that is beyond talent. If I had to give it a word to describe it I would use the word, DESIRE. Talent will only take you so far. The question will always be how far will you take your talent?

-Art of Baseball Productions

Desire is more powerful than any list of baseball tips or hitting drills.

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    • Anonymous

      So true.  Talent only goes so far.   Unfortunately it carries some players all the way to the Major Leagues.  After a while you can really see who has the desire.

      • Art of Baseball

        It may carry it’s share of players to the Major Leagues but, are the players truly happy? I feel that being truly fulfilled in a labor of love, you have to demonstrate more than just talent. You have to be someone of principle.

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