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How To Be Pick Proof w/ Liam Woodard


We were able to track down pick proof guru Liam Woodard to talk to us for a little bit about Own The Zone Sports.

If you’re a baseball coach who is looking for a way to keep his signs from being pick off then you have to listen to what Liam has going on at Own The Zone Sports.

Many thanks to Liam for stopping by!

He will be offering a 15% discount to all coaches who use “AOB” in the check out process!

What did you think of the interview?

If you have any baseball related questions about Own the Zone Sports or for Liam feel free to leave a comment or reach out to Liam in the question links down below.

Liam’s Links

Own The Zone Sports


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How to Play Baseball For the SIUe Cougars


So the MLB all-star game is over. I know there are plenty of Yankee haters out there but what Mariano did was pretty cool.

That’s how you play the game boys…

We still have a couple more days until the comment contest is closed. Watch the “How to hit  a baseball with two strikes” video and let me know in the comment box below what your approach is with two-strikes to win a free copy of “The Way of Baseball” book.

Now on to today’s post.

So you want to play college baseball for SIUe Cougars?

Well Danny Jackson will share with you what he thinks makes a good ballplayer and also shares his story of how he got into baseball.

Thanks Danny for stopping by!

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How To Play Baseball For Florida Atlantic University w/ Rich Billings


In my senior year I was given the opportunity to play against Florida Atlantic University…

…they were a very very good ball club.

Almost every one of their hitters was a home-run threat and considering how the wind had a tendency to blow out to right field, it happened quit often during our series against them.

Suffice to say I had an incredible time rubbing elbows with a ball club that produced the quality of athlete that competed at FAU. Fun times!

Many thanks to Rich Billings for taking the time to share with us what Florida Atlantic looks for future talent and what you can do to stick out on the field and showcase your talents!

Thanks for watching!

Thanks again for watching!

Please let me know what you thought of the interview in the comment section below.

Even if it’s just to say hi, I’d love to hear from you!

Learn more about the FAU baseball camps here!

FAU Baseball Camps


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How to Hit Effectively With the Bases Loaded!


Down by one run…

Tying run is on third. Winning run is on second.

It’s the championship game. The pitcher is dirty. He has an un-hittable 2 seamer and a decent fast-ball sitting around 91 mph.

He struck you out looking in your last at-bat. What adjustment would you make?

This was my EXACT situation in this conference series.

Did I pull through?

Did I help my team win?

Was I the hero?

Watch the video to find out how to learn how to hit effectively with the bases loaded.