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Mental Baseball Tip:How to play with anger

There will come a day as a baseball player when you feel as though nothing is working. No matter what adjustments you have made, advice you have taken, and rituals you have started, success just seems like its not coming any time soon.

You’re not the first baseball player this has happened to, and you certainly won’t be the last. When everything seems to not be working- there really is only one thing left to do.

Get angry.

Seriously. I mean get mad. You have worked too hard, and have sacrificed way to much to be just an average ball player. It’s time to take a stand. Your going to take back what once was yours.

And this is how you will do it.

So today you are 0-4 with three strike outs and a fly-out. You’re up to bat again. This is what will do.

Picture someone who has undermined or underestimated you. Someone who thinks your just an average ball player or blew you off unnecessarily. Maybe a coach, scout, team-mate or opponent. Visualize their expression as they see you fail. You were doing nothing but proving they were right. Imagine this in detail and allow this idea to stew for a bit until your blood begins to boil.

Are you getting angry yet?


Now step in the box and take this anger that you have gathered within you and transfer it to your bat.

You have just become the most dangerous player alive.

Remember you have had enough. You weren’t born to fail, you were born to succeed. You may have failed 1,000 times but not this time. This time, you are going to hit the ball hard. You are going to prove that you are a player not to be reckoned with. You are going to play fearlessly, and with reckless abandon.

When you get your chance…swing- then run as hard as you can.

I do consider anger to be a negative emotion, but used the right way it can provide some positive results.

Anger is like fire. If used correctly it can cook your food, warm your house, and provide light in the darkness.

If mishandled, like many players do, it can burn everything around you and leave you with nothing. So use this power wisely!

If you are a baseball player, and you have had enough…..get angry!

Don’t have a game for a while. Try using anger with these hitting drills!

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Baseball Hitters Mentality

Know what the difference between hitting .250 and .300 is? It’s 25 hits. 25 hits in 500 at bats is 50 points, okay? There’s 6 months in a season, that’s about 25 weeks. That means if you get just one extra flare a week – just one – a gorp… you get a groundball, you get a ground-ball with eyes… you get a dying quail, just one more dying quail a week… and you’re in Yankee Stadium.

— Crash Davis


Playing great baseball is about doing the little things right. Taking advantage of every opportunity to become successful. As a baseball player, if you want to become a better hitter, someone who is consistent and able to stand out among other players there are plenty of things you can do.

Fortunately, if you are a baseball parent and you’re not quit sure what advice you can give him, there are plenty of resources to use. Including here;)

Apart from having sound physical mechanics, being a good hitter has a lot to do with the value you bring to the line-up. Do you get on base? Can you drive runners in? Or do you strike-out a lot while leaving runners on base. Do you find yourself ending the inning with the last out more than others?

All it takes is a few simple minor adjustments to turn things around.

Have a” get on base” mentality

A lot of players think that what truly matters offensively is there ability to get a “base it”. To an extent this is true but is only one half of the coin.Being young and not truly understanding the true value of each at-bat may force a player to take simply getting on base for granted. You have to have the mentality that, “No matter what, I’m going to get on base”! This comes down to knowing the situation, what your capabilities are as well as your opponents.

Getting a base hit is great, but a walk, hit by pitch or even an error is just as valuable. It may not help you batting average wise but it will help your team win.

Have a “Put the ball in play” mentality

No doubt about it, a strike-out has absolutely no value what so ever. Unless you battled and had a 10 pitch at-bat, saw all his pitches, and made him work hard to get you out, strike outs have no value.

You could have done the best hitting drills and have developed the quickest bat speed, but if you don’t put the ball in play. It’s worthless.

When I was in high-school I would call this the “Bull Dog Mentality”. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get a hit but by god, I wasn’t going to let the guy strike me out. And they rarely did.

Having a “refuse to strike out mentality” opens the door to a lot of good  things for the offensive team because it forces the pitcher to throw more pitches, puts pressure on the defense, and allows for your team to get to the bull pen. The pitchers in the bull-pen are there for a reason. They’re not as good as the starter.

Have a “Its about the process” mentality

Its very easy to get attached to results in this game. As a baseball player gets older, he may become more aware of stats and tangible results that show his value compared to others. Nothing will ever be more important to understand than the truth that this game doesn’t need to be played  in order to show us we are successful. If you can show up every game, give it your all and leave everything on the field, then you are already a success. No statistic, coach, or fan can ever tell you other wise.

Baseball is not about the destination. It’s about the journey. Think of each at-bat as an adventure and you can’t go wrong.

You are your own hero. When you come up to the plate, remind yourself of this. Forget about succeeding. Focus on being the best ball player you can be from moment to moment, and leave everything else up to the universe!

Good luck!!!!

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The “SECRET” Big League Approach

There is a secret that Big League baseball players know about when it comes to being successful in this sport. It’s so effective and yet even the youngest most inexperienced player can use it to become a better baseball player. In fact young kids were probably the first to use this incredible baseball technique, and for whatever reason, circumstances have forced some baseball players to move away from this secret baseball approach.

Now let me present to you this secret approach……drum roll………

It’s very simple. After all the hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and labor, if you’re not having fun, it will not be worth it.

As a baseball player, how long do you think you will last in this game if you’re not enjoying the experience of strapping on a pair of cleats, and swinging a bat??!

Even for you baseball parent’s. Have you taken the time to remind you kids how important it is to simply have fun and enjoy themselves? It can be very easy to get caught up in results, winning, and losing. Have we forgotten about the process?

It’s about the journey. Not the destination.

Playing baseball is truly a privilege, and we would be doing a dishonor by not doing everything we can to show our gratitude.

The great thing about having fun is that joy gives you positive energy. Positive energy gives you confidence and confidence is everything! Do me a favor. If ever you find yourself struggling, or you are the parent of a player struggling, ask yourself this.

Are you forgetting to have fun?

Play baseball not in the past or future. Play it in this moment for it’s this moment that holds the potential for success. This moment is a gift, and that is why we call it the present.

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The truth about long toss (IMO)!

Does long toss hurt you? Hmmm.

What is the right pitching philosophy?

Recently I have been doing a lot of research looking for the answer to how baseball players, turn into physically elite ones. I have come to the conclusion, that the underlying principle is a mental/emotional one.

Discussing pitching philosophy is a lot like discussing religion. While debating about why one philosophy is superior to the other, I think the truth of why anyone picked up a baseball in the first place is being overlooked.

Let me ask you this. Did you pick up a baseball to be right? To feel validated? To win an argument?

Chances are, no.

You picked it up because it gave you a sense of meaning. Even as a child, you understood that being on the field was almost as important as being alive. I never worried about wether or not I was using the right mechanics or not. I simply listened to my body.

So we have now come to a point where, at the advent of the online world, where publishing content on baseball technique has made it’s way into the tradition of “The school of baseball”. I feel that we are distracted with appearances about how a true baseball player looks and what he does to be successful.

For example

Should a baseball player do long-toss? Does that induce injury?

We have plenty of “experts” that have done their research and have come up with their respective philosophies. Most of the time contradicting the person before them. As well as after. “Experts” like Paul Reddick, Dick Mills, Jaeger, Brent Pourciau, Dr.Mike Marshall, all have certain philosophies that I feel like can truly help a player, but only to a certain extent.

Things get complicated because their so called evidence is sometimes based on interpretations, and let’s be honest, most people are biased and are governed my incentives.

So here is my take on the theories of long toss.

Do what feels right. Eventually, as a baseball player, one of the greatest tools you will ever develop is your intuition. Why? Because this intuition will help you make the correct adjustments within an at-bat, inning, game, season, and career. If you haven’t learned by now, making adjustments is everything.

So when I look at long-toss and hear others opinions, there is a lot that I agree with on both sides of the spectrum.

Pitching exerts like Jaeger, who have done a fantastic job with integrating eastern teachings with western baseball is so inspiring to see. He is a long-toss enforcer with philosophies that highly contradict someone like Brent Pourciau or Dick Mills who believe that long-toss actually increases pitching injuries and lowers pitching velocity and arm strength.

When I look at these players in the Big Leagues, I find that very few of them really give credit to some pitching or hitting guru, and the ones that have are (seemingly) coincidently injured or simply average players. What I’m saying is that the ultimate source of were 99.999% of their success comes from are from an internal place. They may point to somewhere in their head. Maybe the chest….or the sky.

So yes I feel that wether or not long toss is god or bad for you is completely inconsequential.

Yea I know that the point of long-toss is to strengthen and lengthen the muscles to develop arm strength. It is a form of strengthening and condition, not a simulation of pitching motion.

Mmmhmm… I know that long-toss is a violent form of throwing and has the potential to cause injury. But so does anything else related to the physical aspect to baseball.

You may disagree, but you could have the best pitching program in the world, but if you haven’t developed the ability to positively envision the type of player you aspire to be, the results will never come. thoughts are everything. Sure there are exceptions. The players who don’t have to work nearly as hard to develop arm strength may not need the mental/emotional and maybe spiritual skills that an average player like me needed. Increasing velocity for them may just be a matter of time, but how about the ones that are willing to sacrifice everything to play this game at the highest level?

If and when they make it do you think they will thank some pitching program that saved their career? If baseball is a beautiful as i think it is, I would say no. They will say it was because of their faith. Their determination to dedicate themselves to an idea and apply it to the development of themselves as a baseball player, and that my friends….is something that no pitching program, instructor or guru could ever give you.