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Baseball training 60 yard dash tips w/ Thurman Hendrix


So you’re at a baseball showcase…what is the first thing you do? You run the 60 yard dash right?

What could you have done to increase your 60 yard dash time?

Should you run first or last? In cleats or turfs?

Should you even stretch before the big test?

Thurman Hendrix answers all of these questions in his book 60 Yard Dash Secrets but in this interview he explains to you how you can get started increasing you 60 yard dash time without out even training for the race.

Many thanks to Thurman Hendrix for taking the time to share his knowledge on the art and science as well as philosophy of the 60 yard dash.

Make sure you watch the full interview so that no leaf gets unturned as you prepare for your next 60 yard dash! Good luck!

rebel 60 yard dashGrab your copy of The Rebel 60 Yard Dash Guide and develop your own strategy for becoming a faster baseball player.

Remember: It’s not always about natural speed. It could be the smallest adjustments with your mental approach as well as little tricks that could be the difference between 2-3 tenths of a seconds.

Grab your copy here.





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Art of Baseball w/ Steve Kamb from Nerd Fitness!



The holiday break is coming up.  Are you going to be training hard during the break so that you can hit the ground running during the upcoming baseball season? Or are you going to sit on your booty, eat the wrong foods, and throw all of your training you’ve done during the fall ball season?

There are two kinds of players. Those that take action….and those that don’t!

Well you’re in luck. We have someone who is an expert in baseball training, foods that will increase your performance, and gaining solid healthy and lean muscle!

Many thanks to Steve Kamb, founder of  Nerdfitness, for sharing his expertise on becoming the best version of your physical self!

Don’t forget to participate in the contest!

In this short interview you’re going to find out:

  • The mission of Nerdfitness!
  • How to gain LEAN and HEALTHY muscle before the upcoming baseball season!
  • What foods to avoid during the holidays!
  • How to increase your speed and endurance!

Art of Baseball Contest instructions!

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  2.  In the comments box below tell us:

what piece of advice from this interview you’re going to implement during the holiday break!

Random winner receives a FREE copy of the Rebel Fitness Guidebook!!!!!!

You can find out more about Steve Kamb and Nerdfitness @

Also you can LIKE him on Facebook @ Nerd Fitness FB

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The perfect hitting practice tool


I figured you have asked yourself this question before.

“how can I make sure that I’m getting the most out of my hitting lessons, and equip the best approach to make sure my swing is sound and generates as much power as possible”.

Ok…..maybe not quite in those words but I bet you are now.

Well in today’s post I want to show you a tool that you have already probably used and tell you why it’s important even though you probably already know why.

Why? Because even though I knew its value I took that value for granted!

Don’t let this happen to you!

Video camera segmenting


We all have heard about using video to analyze a swing. But what are we looking for? We’re not recording our swing to make sure our stroke is not so ugly that it could make a blind man grimace.

We’re looking for specific check points in the swing, for little mechanical flaws that could be elongating our swing, or even showing what our greatest strengths are so we can become more aware of them and then leverage that.

Video can be an incredible weapon when you know what you’re looking for.

So where do we start?!

Start my finding a camera that either has a consistent start stop function. You need to be able to view your swing frame by frame or in extreme slow motion. We all have cell phones with cameras but I’m not sure if most of these have an effective start stop function. So in order to do this you would have to upload your swings onto a computer.

This is why I believe using an actual camera is a bit more effective.

The start stop function is key in finding precisely what you need to work on during a hitting session.

Where can you get one for cheap?

One word……..three syllables.


Amazon normally has great deals on cameras with a great return policy.

eBay is ok, and Craigslist is pretty much hit or miss.

If you’re lucky you could find a decent camera for less than $15!

Not bad!

So what do you do once you have a camera.

Take some video!

Find one thing that you could consider a flaw in your swing. In the beginning you may need to be ruthless with yourself. If it’s a perceived flaw, take the time to see what “harm” it could be doing to your swing.

Secondly, find one strength that you have in your swing. What this will do is allow you to make sure you continue doing this after you have made adjustments with anything else that needs polishing in your swing.

Be your own coach!

Using a camera and watching footage of your swing is a great way of becoming an EXPERT on your swing. The more familiar you are with your swing the better off you’ll be in the future and watching video helps you with establishing that kind of perspective!

Good luck!



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How to learn Mike Trout Bat Speed and develop Bryce Harper power!



Every hitter dreams of being able to swing the bat with bat speed and bat control like Mike Trout…..

Or hit 440 ft home-runs like Bryce Harper.


What’s really interesting about these two players is that they have been able to demonstrate their incredible tools without a lot of major league experience. I think one of the main reasons why they have been able to do so is because their swings are pretty much mechanically sound. Their swings aren’t perfect but they’re able to pretty much execute a good swing on almost every pitch they swing at.

What if I told you that you could do the same and model Bryce Harper hitting mechanics?

Here are 2 SIMPLE, SHORT & SWEET hitting tips that can help you in no time!

Hips are locked and loaded & Front shoulder stays closed!

One of the biggest flaws you see in hitters at all levels is the tendency to do two things.

1. The hips flys open to early

2. The front shoulder flys open to early

What happens is that when a player is not picking up the ball in time, or if overall bat speed has slowed down, the tendencany to open up the hips or front shoulder becomes common to help compensate for the inability to get the hands through the zone in time.

When this happens, you not only lose a LARGE amount of power and ability to drive the ball but you lose the ability to stay back on off-speed pitches, and most importantly the ability to hit the ball to the opposite field.

Quick Fix: A great way to fix this bad habit is to keep things simple. Make a mental note of keeping the front shoulder in with the hips locked and loaded until you’re ready to EXPLODE on the pitch!

It’s that simple! It’s a physical adjustment that’s made by a “mental note”!


Established firm front leg

So you have GREAT bat speed from keeping your front shoulder and hips locked and loaded!

What next? Where does all that bat speed go?

Great question!

It gets translated into your front leg! As with the previous hitting flaw having a bent fron knee during point of contact is something you see with younger hitters who have yet to develop the lower body strength to transmute the torque that’s created from the core.

What this does is take away a larger amount of the POWER that you’ve created with your core.

Quick fix: If this is a problem that you have noticed having, a great way to remedy this is by attempting to drive the back leg knee into the front leg knee at the point of contact.

What this will do is help incorporate proper positioning of both legs at the point of contact while making sure you’re utilizing all the torque you can!

It’s that simple guys!


Share your thoughts!

Who do you enjoy watching hit more? Harper or Trout?!!

Tell me why below!