The holiday break is coming up.  Are you going to be training hard during the break so that you can hit the ground running during the upcoming baseball season? Or are you going to sit on your booty, eat the wrong foods, and throw all of your training you’ve done during the fall ball season?

There are two kinds of players. Those that take action….and those that don’t!

Well you’re in luck. We have someone who is an expert in baseball training, foods that will increase your performance, and gaining solid healthy and lean muscle!

Many thanks to Steve Kamb, founder of  Nerdfitness, for sharing his expertise on becoming the best version of your physical self!

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In this short interview you’re going to find out:

  • The mission of Nerdfitness!
  • How to gain LEAN and HEALTHY muscle before the upcoming baseball season!
  • What foods to avoid during the holidays!
  • How to increase your speed and endurance!

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    10 replies to "Art of Baseball w/ Steve Kamb from Nerd Fitness!"

    • Max

      Santa brought Medicine balls, stretch bands and Protein shakes this year. My 8 and 9 year olds are already into their second week of workouts and loving it. X-box is collecting dust. Max went from 5 push-ups (sloppy at that) to now pumping 50 off in just two months time. Kids seem to be more receptacle since I made them a progress chart on an old over-sized school chalkboard. Thanks for the videos Mark. Boys loved them, especially the first!

    • michael

      i will eat a whole lot more !!!!! i need to pack on somw weight for the high school season coming up. i am real skinny and i was doing what steve did , just concentrate on lifting rarher than eating!!! mom give me some food!!!

    • jsniderbasball4life

      Being in college and living in dorms going to classes, studing and baseball workouts it’s difficult to eat correctly.  So on my holliday break I am going to make a conscious effort to plan meals throughout the day.  Good info I lost 15lbs my first term.  And I was not overweight.

    • Matt

      I grew up having horrible eating habits and have since passed them on to my son.  We have recently started working on that because I think it is important for him, at 10 years old, not only to learn about proper nutrition, but to develop those good habits as opposed to the bad habits that I have.  Having a good diet isn’t something for just athletes, it is something that everyone should try to have, and wither my son makes the big leagues or not, at least hew ill have the knowledge of good nutrition and a good diet for the rest of his life.

      • Mark Brooks

        Great point Matt! Eating habits can be a doozy. Im still in the process of refining mine.

    • Thomasluce68

      I will concentrate on a diet program for my pitchers

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