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Art of Baseball w/ Steve Kamb from Nerd Fitness!



The holiday break is coming up.  Are you going to be training hard during the break so that you can hit the ground running during the upcoming baseball season? Or are you going to sit on your booty, eat the wrong foods, and throw all of your training you’ve done during the fall ball season?

There are two kinds of players. Those that take action….and those that don’t!

Well you’re in luck. We have someone who is an expert in baseball training, foods that will increase your performance, and gaining solid healthy and lean muscle!

Many thanks to Steve Kamb, founder of  Nerdfitness, for sharing his expertise on becoming the best version of your physical self!

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In this short interview you’re going to find out:

  • The mission of Nerdfitness!
  • How to gain LEAN and HEALTHY muscle before the upcoming baseball season!
  • What foods to avoid during the holidays!
  • How to increase your speed and endurance!

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