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Kevin Paxson & Bat-Speed w/ The PaxBats!


So I walk into the hitting facility to start my hitting lessons for the day and not an hour goes by before I hear, ” hey what is that? It looks pretty cool”. They’re talking about the PaxBat. I use it for all my lessons.

As you know, I’m a huge advocate of getting your “required reps” in the batting cage. The hitting cage is the hitter’s laboratory, where he can experiment with new things to find what does and does not work. I’m a fan of the PaxBat because it provides immediate feedback. It save you time.  If you’re not crushing the ball, there is probably something wrong with your swing path and or approach to the plate. Easy Peasy.

All this being said, I’m really excited to have the creator of the PaxBats (Kevin Paxson) on the AoB EXPERTS show today to share how he got the idea for the design, how to best utilize it for increased bat-speed and what results to expect if you stick with it for a committed period of time. It’s not a magic pill…but it will be a welcomed tool in your tool-box if you allow it to be.

Many thanks to Kevin Paxson for sharing his time! He’s a high-school coach and has a family so much obliged Kevin. You’re the man.

Win a FREE PaxBat!

Here are the rules:

  1. You have to be a member of the Hitting Machine Academy.
  2. Send me an email at and tell me why you deserve a PaxBat and what your goal is for this baseball season!

We will choose a lucky winner!

What are your thoughts?

Let us know what you thought of Kevin and the PaxBats! We’d love to hear from ya!

Here are the rules again for entering the contest to win a FREE PaxBat.

  1. You have to be a member of the Hitting Machine Academy.
  2. Send me an email at and tell me why you deserve a PaxBat and what your goal is for this baseball season!

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Kissimmee Sticks and John Madden w/ Art of Baseball Experts


Oh yea!!!! Another wood bat contest give away! Many thanks to John Madden for sitting down with us for a sec to talk to us about the Kissimmee Sticks baseball bats! I have to be honest…I was really impressed with the fact that the Kissimmee Sticks are all hand crafted and provide the same select grade quality of wood that is available at the Major League level. Not a lot of wood bat companies can say that.

IMPORTANT: Mark sure you answer the question of the day! John and I will be picking a winner with the BEST question and that winner will receive a brand new Kissimmee Stick with your name branded on it!

Screen shot 2013-02-17 at 1.31.26 PM

John Madden

John Madden Youtube

Free Kissimmee Sticks wood bat contest give away!

Answer this question in the comment box below and we’ll pick a winner!

What are you working on right now to become the best hitter you can be?


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Baseball training 60 yard dash tips w/ Thurman Hendrix


So you’re at a baseball showcase…what is the first thing you do? You run the 60 yard dash right?

What could you have done to increase your 60 yard dash time?

Should you run first or last? In cleats or turfs?

Should you even stretch before the big test?

Thurman Hendrix answers all of these questions in his book 60 Yard Dash Secrets but in this interview he explains to you how you can get started increasing you 60 yard dash time without out even training for the race.

Many thanks to Thurman Hendrix for taking the time to share his knowledge on the art and science as well as philosophy of the 60 yard dash.

Make sure you watch the full interview so that no leaf gets unturned as you prepare for your next 60 yard dash! Good luck!

rebel 60 yard dashGrab your copy of The Rebel 60 Yard Dash Guide and develop your own strategy for becoming a faster baseball player.

Remember: It’s not always about natural speed. It could be the smallest adjustments with your mental approach as well as little tricks that could be the difference between 2-3 tenths of a seconds.

Grab your copy here.





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A.O.B.E Live Episode #3 – W/ Eric Suttle

If the name Eric Suttle doesn’t ring a bell don’t worry you haven’t exactly been living under a rock.

Sutt fought into the minor league organization for the Houston Astros, played in a baseball movie directed by the legendary director Clint Eastwood, and earned a starting spot in the W.B.C (World baseball Classic) to represent Germany in the W.B.C qualifiers all while being completely under the radar……..well for the most part!

Now the gig is up! Eric Suttle will spill the beans on how any baseball player can:

• hack into the minor league system and play pro ball
• make the adjustment to elite pitching
• be in a cool new baseball movie
• and play in the World Baseball Classic

all while making sure you never forget why you would do it  in the first place.

For the love of the game!

Oh yes…..and don’t forget to tell me what your biggest take away is from the interview in the comments section below!

A random winner will recieve a FREE movie ticket to see Trouble With the Curve Directed by Clint Eastwood!

You can reach out to Eric Suttle for private hitting instruction below: