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The Secret to Derek Jeter’s 18 + Years of Success At The Plate.

The Secret to Derek Jeter’s 18 + Years of Success At The Plate.


One of the things I feel the most grateful about is having the opportunity to give baseball advice to not only the local little leagues in my area but to have a stage to reach thousands upon thousands of baseball parents, players and coaches around the world with the Art of Baseball website.

Just the other day, I received an email from an aspiring player in France.

I didn’t even know they played baseball there!

Anyhoo…suffice to say that I don’t take this opportunity lightly. If I’m being given the opportunity to have an impact on countless baseball careers Bye George I’m gonna give it all I got.

When it comes to sharing helpful baseball advice I like to use examples as well as telling a story.

In this video I wan’t to share with you something that I feel will serve you during the upcoming baseball season.

There is a reason why Derek Jeter has been as successful at the plate as he has over the past 18 years.

In this video I’ll share what is responsible for most of his mechanical consistency as well as a story that paint’s a picture of the value of having “High Character” while trying to hit a high velocity fast-ball for a living.


Don’t forget to tell me who’s swing you’d like to see in the next video.

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The perfect hitting practice tool


I figured you have asked yourself this question before.

“how can I make sure that I’m getting the most out of my hitting lessons, and equip the best approach to make sure my swing is sound and generates as much power as possible”.

Ok…..maybe not quite in those words but I bet you are now.

Well in today’s post I want to show you a tool that you have already probably used and tell you why it’s important even though you probably already know why.

Why? Because even though I knew its value I took that value for granted!

Don’t let this happen to you!

Video camera segmenting


We all have heard about using video to analyze a swing. But what are we looking for? We’re not recording our swing to make sure our stroke is not so ugly that it could make a blind man grimace.

We’re looking for specific check points in the swing, for little mechanical flaws that could be elongating our swing, or even showing what our greatest strengths are so we can become more aware of them and then leverage that.

Video can be an incredible weapon when you know what you’re looking for.

So where do we start?!

Start my finding a camera that either has a consistent start stop function. You need to be able to view your swing frame by frame or in extreme slow motion. We all have cell phones with cameras but I’m not sure if most of these have an effective start stop function. So in order to do this you would have to upload your swings onto a computer.

This is why I believe using an actual camera is a bit more effective.

The start stop function is key in finding precisely what you need to work on during a hitting session.

Where can you get one for cheap?

One word……..three syllables.


Amazon normally has great deals on cameras with a great return policy.

eBay is ok, and Craigslist is pretty much hit or miss.

If you’re lucky you could find a decent camera for less than $15!

Not bad!

So what do you do once you have a camera.

Take some video!

Find one thing that you could consider a flaw in your swing. In the beginning you may need to be ruthless with yourself. If it’s a perceived flaw, take the time to see what “harm” it could be doing to your swing.

Secondly, find one strength that you have in your swing. What this will do is allow you to make sure you continue doing this after you have made adjustments with anything else that needs polishing in your swing.

Be your own coach!

Using a camera and watching footage of your swing is a great way of becoming an EXPERT on your swing. The more familiar you are with your swing the better off you’ll be in the future and watching video helps you with establishing that kind of perspective!

Good luck!



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Indoor baseball drill # 1- Hands inside the ball drill.

One of the most important habits you can incorporate into your swing is the ability to keep your hands inside of the baseball. For a hitter mastering the ability to hit the inner half of the ball will allow him to do some very important things like seeing the ball longer.

The better your able to stay inside, the longer you can wait. The longer you can wait, the less strike outs you will have, the higher batting average you will have, and ultimately the better situational hitter you will become. When I think of who was the best example of someone who consistently stays inside the ball, I think Derek Jeter. And here, he gives a great example of staying inside the ball.

So how can you incorporate hitting inside the baseball consistently? Take a look at this video by Jason Giambi which illustrates the basics of the “inside out swing” with a simple indoor baseball drill.

Also you can check another important video that showcases other drills that help with staying inside the ball.