So you’re at a baseball showcase…what is the first thing you do? You run the 60 yard dash right?

What could you have done to increase your 60 yard dash time?

Should you run first or last? In cleats or turfs?

Should you even stretch before the big test?

Thurman Hendrix answers all of these questions in his book 60 Yard Dash Secrets but in this interview he explains to you how you can get started increasing you 60 yard dash time without out even training for the race.

Many thanks to Thurman Hendrix for taking the time to share his knowledge on the art and science as well as philosophy of the 60 yard dash.

Make sure you watch the full interview so that no leaf gets unturned as you prepare for your next 60 yard dash! Good luck!

rebel 60 yard dashGrab your copy of The Rebel 60 Yard Dash Guide and develop your own strategy for becoming a faster baseball player.

Remember: It’s not always about natural speed. It could be the smallest adjustments with your mental approach as well as little tricks that could be the difference between 2-3 tenths of a seconds.

Grab your copy here.





    2 replies to "Baseball training 60 yard dash tips w/ Thurman Hendrix"

    • Austin F.


      My son is in his SR year of high school and he’s just signed w/ a local junior college but we’re still contemplating as to whether he should try going to a four year university. What are D1 recruiters looking for in a typical outfielder’s 60 time?

      • Mark Brooks

        Great question Austin. Typically for most outfielders, anything below a 7 flat reflects a player who isn’t going to flat out clog up the base paths. But like Thurman says in the interview above, a good 60 time doesn’t always show true baseball speed.

        With that being said, if you can get your son running a consistent 6.8, he’ll have speed as another tool in his tool box which will increase his value as a prospect.

        Thanks for asking Austin! Hope this helps!

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