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Mental Baseball Tip:How to play with anger

There will come a day as a baseball player when you feel as though nothing is working. No matter what adjustments you have made, advice you have taken, and rituals you have started, success just seems like its not coming any time soon.

You’re not the first baseball player this has happened to, and you certainly won’t be the last. When everything seems to not be working- there really is only one thing left to do.

Get angry.

Seriously. I mean get mad. You have worked too hard, and have sacrificed way to much to be just an average ball player. It’s time to take a stand. Your going to take back what once was yours.

And this is how you will do it.

So today you are 0-4 with three strike outs and a fly-out. You’re up to bat again. This is what will do.

Picture someone who has undermined or underestimated you. Someone who thinks your just an average ball player or blew you off unnecessarily. Maybe a coach, scout, team-mate or opponent. Visualize their expression as they see you fail. You were doing nothing but proving they were right. Imagine this in detail and allow this idea to stew for a bit until your blood begins to boil.

Are you getting angry yet?


Now step in the box and take this anger that you have gathered within you and transfer it to your bat.

You have just become the most dangerous player alive.

Remember you have had enough. You weren’t born to fail, you were born to succeed. You may have failed 1,000 times but not this time. This time, you are going to hit the ball hard. You are going to prove that you are a player not to be reckoned with. You are going to play fearlessly, and with reckless abandon.

When you get your chance…swing- then run as hard as you can.

I do consider anger to be a negative emotion, but used the right way it can provide some positive results.

Anger is like fire. If used correctly it can cook your food, warm your house, and provide light in the darkness.

If mishandled, like many players do, it can burn everything around you and leave you with nothing. So use this power wisely!

If you are a baseball player, and you have had enough…..get angry!

Don’t have a game for a while. Try using anger with these hitting drills!

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Advice from Roy Hobb’s father

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Where does baseball talent come from?

Ask not what your talent can do for you but what you can do for your talent. When I think about talent and how important it is to have, I remember something that an old coach of mine once said about skills. ” Take a look at a kid’s talent and then go over to a tree. Shake it and out will fall a dozen just like him”. The reason why I love this game is because though it may bless those with talent, to be a truly gifted player, you need something that is beyond talent. If I had to give it a word to describe it I would use the word, DESIRE. Talent will only take you so far. The question will always be how far will you take your talent?

-Art of Baseball Productions

Desire is more powerful than any list of baseball tips or hitting drills.

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Batting Average: 3 secret tricks to increasing it

You can have the greatest mechanics in the world, with a great hitting approach, and skill, But even when you’re seeing the ball great, and hitting it hard, the game of baseball still doesn’t promise you success.

You can do everything right and still go hitless!

Fortunately there are some things that little league, high school and college coachs don’t teach that may help with you getting on base and increasing you’re batting average.

2 tips to know what pitch is coming

This is actually a tip I heard from an anonymous minor leaguer who would rather go unnamed for the risk of being infamous by opposing pitchers and catchers for this approach. He claims that he did them when necessary, and not only to help increase his batting average, but to help his team win.

Here is the first one…..

On occasion, right before the pitcher begins his delivery and the catcher has set-up on which ever side of the plate, call time out. As you step out of the batter’s box to take a few practice swings, in the corner of you’re eye notice where the catcher has set up.

Is it on the inner or outer half?

Depending on the game’s situation, where he is set up will tell you a lot about what pitch is coming. EX: If you have two strikes on you and the catcher has set up inside, guess what? He’s probably coming inside with a fast ball. How many times has a pitcher thrown you a change-up or breaking located in? NEVER! They’re supposed to bury those pitches or locate away right?

The trick is to do this sparingly, and on certain occasions.

If you aren’t slick enough to do this, then be ready to get hit. Catchers aren’t stupid.

#2 Have the hitter on-deck communicate with you on catcher’s setup while you are in the batter’s box.

This is another effective yet dangerous way of knowing pitch location. Figure out a system with a teammate on how to let you know when a catcher has set up inside or outside. EX: He can call out your number when a catcher sets up inside( let’s go two three!) Or have him call your last name when a catcher’s set up away( hit it hard castro!)

If I got a quarter for every time I saw a hitter smash a change-up away because his teammate warned him it was coming, I would be a very rich man.

Both of these tips are risky, so do them at your own risk! If you can do them right, expect to see your batting average rise quite quickly.

If you are a hitter with a little bit of speed and has the ability to get down the line pretty fast, anytime your in a situation with first base empty and a runner on second with less than two outs, try bunting toward the the first baseman. First of all, he should be playing back. If can get it past the pitcher it should be an easy hit. If your timing is right and your able to square around not to early but also not to late, you should be awarded a sacrifice if you happen to get out.

These three batting average tips, are considered scrappy. If you find yourself struggling at the plate, try these out, and tell me how they work!