You’re probably wondering what could possibly allow a baseball player to play better baseball in the next 5 seconds right?

Maybe your saying, “it’s not true”!!!! Getting better takes hard work! It takes blood, sweat, and tears!

Though this may be true, sometime the best results come from the simplest things. Playing better baseball isn’t necessarily about developing quicker bat speed or developing arm strength and increasing velocity. It’s about knowing what steps to take now, in the present moment, that will allow you to hit, field, and throw the ball more consistently.

Playing better baseball in 5 seconds is about taking immediate action.

This is how you play better baseball in 5 seconds.


Breathing can transform your life.

If you are worried about your slump, breathe. It will bring you back to the present. The present is the only place where you can make an adjustment. Not yesterday’s game and not tomorrow’s.

If you are feeling stressed about an injury you just had, breathe! Breathing promotes blood circulation, and blood circulation promotes healing!

If you feel discouraged about not getting enough playing time or worried that your’e not good enough, breathe. It will remind you of how fortunate you are to simply have the ability to pick up a baseball and throw it. To run across the grass and dirt freely. Breathing will change your perspective, and show you how lucky you are. Feeling gratitude will give you confidence. With confidence, you can accomplish almost anything in baseball.

If you desire to play better baseball, remind yourself to breath. Enjoy each moment as a baseball player. For most of us, there are to few to waste.

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