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5 Baseball Tips Quotes that will light the inner fire!

The greatest rewards that Baseball has to offer belongs to the players with courage. Those that have chosen to live this way must be prepared for everything that comes with it. Failure, heartache, injury, and ridicule. Adding the element of courage to the recipe of baseball will produce great power, but with great power come an even greater amount of responsibility.


You must be willing to go farther than what is asked of you. If you aspire to be great, you will be. If as a baseball player you are satisfied with mediocrity, and think average work will get you by, you will probably fall below it.


Get familiar with baseball history and it’s heroes. You can learn a lot from the courage, innocents, and passion that players like Jackie Robinson, Roberto Clemente, Ichiro Suzuki, Curt Flood, and  Hank Aaron displayed as well as the adversity they experienced and overcame.


For those of you with average talent. For those of you with average skills, you my not have exceptional speed, power, accuracy or hand-eye coordination. So you will have to develop your mind. Specifically the mental images you hold in your head. This is the master-key to reaching your potential.


Making consistent contact with high velocity is simple once you have understood the concept of rhythm and timing. If you can master this, no pitcher can beat you with just a fastball.

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