Some of you may have notice that Josh Donaldson seemingly came out of nowhere.

He broke into the major leagues as a catcher for Oakland, started playing third base, got traded to the Blue-Jays and now is one of the best players on the planet.

It’s surreal for me because we grew up playing together. We played travel ball and competed against each other every all-star season.

From a young age, it was pretty obvious that he was the REAL DEAL.

The funny thing is, he never really dominated. He was a great player with incredible instinct. but never the player to lead the league in home runs or hit .500.

He was a solid player with a consistent approach. Plus he played the game with reckless abandon.

Something I’d like for you to learn how to do.

In this Baseball Success Principle with Josh Donaldson, he’s going to share with you 5 principles that will change how you play this game.


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