Bravery – A quality of spirit that enables you to face danger of pain without showing fear.

The biggest win we will ever achieve as ballplayers is the understanding that as athletes, we have a choice.

A choice to swing or take.

To jog or sprint.

To throw or eat the baseball.

The choice is what will determine your outcome as a player who set himself apart from his team-mates and opponents.

The biggest loss is failing to see the choice. The biggest loss is assuming that how you respond to what happens to you in baseball is not within your power to dictate.

Yes there are things in this game that are beyond your control but the right to demonstrate bravery for instance is entirely within your right.

It takes bravery to stay in on a 90 mph slider coming at your head and then ending up in the strike-zone.

It takes bravery to want the fifth at-bat.

It takes bravery to dust yourself off and continue to play this game as if you’ve never failed.

Be brave and watch yourself become a player beyond what you thought possible by first committing to this truth.

You have a choice.


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