As you know, sometimes the solution to a problem can be quiet counterintuitive.

Sometimes the answer is the EXACT opposite to the solution that we initially proposed in our mind!

For example, if a young ballplayer is struggling during batting practice, the logical response from a parent or coach would be as follows:


“Try harder!”

“Apply more effort”

“Take it more seriously”

Here is what I’ve noticed while giving private bat speed lessons.

To a young player, concentrating harder to them, means squinting their eyes, gritting their teeth, tightening their grip and puckering up.

Like their parents, they’re are unaware that the process of concentration first begins with letting go and yielding to the flow of the process.

This is very important.

How do I get young kids to do this?


I get them to reframe how they’re perceiving the practice and their performance.

The trick is to make things fun with ZERO RISK! (Key phrase.)

A child’s mind is spontaneous so my hitting lessons have to follow suite.

I’ll show exactly how I approach doing this in this video!


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What did you think of this video?

What do you do when you’re struggling during a batting practice? What did you think about this approach?

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