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How to learn Mike Trout Bat Speed and develop Bryce Harper power!



Every hitter dreams of being able to swing the bat with bat speed and bat control like Mike Trout…..

Or hit 440 ft home-runs like Bryce Harper.


What’s really interesting about these two players is that they have been able to demonstrate their incredible tools without a lot of major league experience. I think one of the main reasons why they have been able to do so is because their swings are pretty much mechanically sound. Their swings aren’t perfect but they’re able to pretty much execute a good swing on almost every pitch they swing at.

What if I told you that you could do the same and model Bryce Harper hitting mechanics?

Here are 2 SIMPLE, SHORT & SWEET hitting tips that can help you in no time!

Hips are locked and loaded & Front shoulder stays closed!

One of the biggest flaws you see in hitters at all levels is the tendency to do two things.

1. The hips flys open to early

2. The front shoulder flys open to early

What happens is that when a player is not picking up the ball in time, or if overall bat speed has slowed down, the tendencany to open up the hips or front shoulder becomes common to help compensate for the inability to get the hands through the zone in time.

When this happens, you not only lose a LARGE amount of power and ability to drive the ball but you lose the ability to stay back on off-speed pitches, and most importantly the ability to hit the ball to the opposite field.

Quick Fix: A great way to fix this bad habit is to keep things simple. Make a mental note of keeping the front shoulder in with the hips locked and loaded until you’re ready to EXPLODE on the pitch!

It’s that simple! It’s a physical adjustment that’s made by a “mental note”!


Established firm front leg

So you have GREAT bat speed from keeping your front shoulder and hips locked and loaded!

What next? Where does all that bat speed go?

Great question!

It gets translated into your front leg! As with the previous hitting flaw having a bent fron knee during point of contact is something you see with younger hitters who have yet to develop the lower body strength to transmute the torque that’s created from the core.

What this does is take away a larger amount of the POWER that you’ve created with your core.

Quick fix: If this is a problem that you have noticed having, a great way to remedy this is by attempting to drive the back leg knee into the front leg knee at the point of contact.

What this will do is help incorporate proper positioning of both legs at the point of contact while making sure you’re utilizing all the torque you can!

It’s that simple guys!


Share your thoughts!

Who do you enjoy watching hit more? Harper or Trout?!!

Tell me why below!

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How to beat a hitting slump in 30 seconds

We all know that hitter’s slumps are frustrating but what if  you could shorten them?

Better yet, what if you could go through them and then allow them to make you a better hitter who is more confident and has the skill sets to be the best hitter on his team and get noticed?

The idea is to find that place within your mind that provides the ability to use “hitting slumps” as a tool to actually become a better hitter by:

  • using patience and contribution as a virtue
  • excepting that failure is essential
  • letting go and allowing things to fall in their place
  • find a balance and learn to trust your abilities


You can teach yourself confidence, concentration and poise

I know what it’s like to feel like their is no hope. To feel like no matter what you do, hitting a baseball consistently is just to tough at times. You wan’t to give up and go home. Its during these times that you actually get better. A great example is when feeling the muscles burn during a workout. It’s only during the physical pain that you’re actually breaking down the muscle fibers to promote new muscle growth for better conditioning strenght and size.

Slumps are no different except that you’re conditioning your emotional muscles by demonstrating repetitions of failure!

You’ll be the best hitter on your team when you realize that it is a choice

There is no coach, piece of equipment, or hitting approach that’s going to make you reach your full potential until you realize that the process of becoming the best hitter on your team starts with making a choice. The choice to commit to making that a reality.

How to beat a hitting slump in 30 seconds

Using patience and contribution as a virtue- When I was slumping, the only thing on my mind was getting a hit. I was so concerned with my stats that I wasn’t doing the little things to help my team win. Here is the funny thing. When I was able to get out of my own head, focus on what I can do to help my team win, I somehow find myself in situations that helped me to achieve success with effortless ease. I received more pitches over the plate than ever before,  balls dropped in where the defense wasn’t playing, and I was always ahead in the count.

“Yes!!! There is KARMA in baseball. Love baseball by doing what’s right and she will love you back…..if not today…….tomorrow. Trust me.”

Excepting that failure is essential- You’ve heard me say it again and again. Failure is something you need in order to develop. No failure, no growth. Nobody talks about the fact that Babe Ruth broke the strike-outs record the same year he belted 60 home-runs.

Let go and allow things to fall in their place- You will soon realize that the better you’re able to allow the cards fall where they may, the better you will be able to let your natural abilities come through. The more natural abilities, the more results. The more results, the shorter the slumps!

Find a balance and learn to trust your abilities- When we slump, it’s because we are trying to hard. We have somehow developed the idea that the harder we try the better off we will be. News flash! It’s the exact opposite. The harder it seems to get the results that we wan’t the more we have to learn to trust that we are on the right track. Trust that slumps are a feedback mechanism, that will give us data on what we need to do today to become better hitters tomorrow.

Beat your slump now!

Beating a slump in 30 seconds comes down to not fighting it. Allow this process to happen, don’t worry about getting hits. They will come. Focus instead on being the best kind of player who deals with slumps and you will find that at the end of the season, you got all the hits you strived to get.

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3 Highly Effective Hitting Tips


How do you concentrate effectively as a hitter?

How do you make sure that you’re focus level is at it’s maximum level during each at-bat….throughout a whole season?

Those are two VERY important questions……so here are 3 VERY  effective answers.

Watch the pitcher from the dugout

If you look carfully, the pitcher will tell you everything you need to know to make an educated decision on what approach you should take in your next at-bat such as:

  • What pitch he starts each hitter off with
  • What pitch is is throwing most for strikes
  • What pitch he throws in key situations
  • What pitch he throws ahead in the count
  • What pitch he throws behind in the count
  • What pitch he throws with runners in scoring position

The more you do this, the better you will get at coming up with the best approach. The better the approach, the more hits. The more hits, the more success. The more success…….well…….the longer you play;)

Keep your eyes locked onto the pitch and attack a specific spot on the ball

The more specific you are in attacking the ball the more accurate you will be in regards to your hand-eye coordination. You may have been told to attack the top half of the ball.

Unless you’re trying to hit the ball on the ground I suggest that you throw that idea out of the window. Instead I would utilize what Steve Springer teaches in his private lessons which is to “attack the inner half”.  Why listen to him? Well, he’s only the Performance Coach/ Big League scout for the Toronto Blue-Jays. Oh yea, and he played in the BIGS. Attacking the inner half is his motto and it’s been adopted by dozens of players that have professional careers.


Stay Relaxed, be natural and have fun

You can’t put pressure on yourself and expect to perform at your best. Listen, you wan’t to have fun playing this game right? Then CHOOSE to. Some players think that the only way to have fun playing this game is by being successful and having exceptional stats. Having success is great, but knowing that this game is a privilege, and having the ability to play each game by that truth will help keep things into perspective.

If you ever find yourself struggling, don’t forget to take time to get your other needs met. Don’t forget about why it is you play.  Which is to become a better person….I hope…..;)

Baseball is a beautiful game. Play as though you are contributing to that fact and baseball will contribute back to you in ways that you can’t even imagine…….



Mark Brooks

7:11 p.m

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Q&A Episode 1-Know thy self-Work Hard,work smart!

This week’s baseball question comes from Rick! He has a quick question about the best way to deal with slumps, pressure, and the process of playing in front of scouts and recruiters all while trying to enjoy the game to get the most out of his abilities!

Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me what you, your son, or players have done to deal with failire and pressure during the baseball season.

Also, what are you doing to better access your strengths and weaknesses?

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