If the name Eric Suttle doesn’t ring a bell don’t worry you haven’t exactly been living under a rock.

Sutt fought into the minor league organization for the Houston Astros, played in a baseball movie directed by the legendary director Clint Eastwood, and earned a starting spot in the W.B.C (World baseball Classic) to represent Germany in the W.B.C qualifiers all while being completely under the radar……..well for the most part!

Now the gig is up! Eric Suttle will spill the beans on how any baseball player can:

• hack into the minor league system and play pro ball
• make the adjustment to elite pitching
• be in a cool new baseball movie
• and play in the World Baseball Classic

all while making sure you never forget why you would do it  in the first place.

For the love of the game!

Oh yes…..and don’t forget to tell me what your biggest take away is from the interview in the comments section below!

A random winner will recieve a FREE movie ticket to see Trouble With the Curve Directed by Clint Eastwood!

You can reach out to Eric Suttle for private hitting instruction below:



    15 replies to "A.O.B.E Live Episode #3 – W/ Eric Suttle"

    • James Farrell

      Mark – I really liked your interview with Eric Suttle.  I have had the opportunity to see Eric play at several levels including Georgia State and just by chance saw him at the Astro’s Spring Training Camp in Florida. You share with Eric the enthusiasm for the Game which is great.  I am confident that you will both do great in your current situations as well as whatever that the next level happens to be for you.  All the best – Jim Farrell

      PS – Going to see Trouble with the Curve this afternoon.

      • Art of Baseball


        I appreciate the kind words! Yea Eric is definitely a class act and plays the game for all the right reasons. Thanks for taking the time to watch the interview and please let me know if you ever have any ideas on how artofbaseball.net could be better.

        Let me know how Trouble with the Curve turns out! I still haven’t had the time to see it. -_-

    • Cliffsuttle501

      I never get tired of hearing Erics story. I am Erics Grandmother and we have lived through everyminute of Erics career. Great job Eric  Oh By the way–Erics Dad was an umpire in the movie 42. Thanks, Willetta Suttle

    • Eugene

      I thought the Eric Suttle story was amazing it showed his courage and conviction that no matter the odds NEVER give up on your baseball dreams. It also serves as a wake up call for self evaluation to make sure your working hard to extend yourself to the absolute max because there is always someone else willing to go the extra mile and work harder this interview gave me the chills what a story!!!

    • Adam Wertheimer

      That was an awesome interview and webcast! I really took away the fact that even if you face adversity (like not getting drafted, or getting turned down), you should always keep on going and keep your head up, and it works in basically everything in life (not just baseball).

      Thanks for doing this Mark and Eric!

    • Craigwilsonbaseball

      I learned to have more phone while you play the game…. Mark who do you thimk should win MVP? Cabrera or Trout?

      • Art of Baseball

        As much as I love love love love Trout………Cabrera deserves the nod. He did something that hasn’t been done in over 50 years and probably won’t happen for another 50 years. Plus he did it against a depth of pitching that didn’t exactly exist back when Carl won the Triple Crown.

        But that’s just my humble opinion:)

    • Franco

      Stupid internet wasn’t behaving tonight. Bummed I missed most of it. Look forward to seeing the “replay”. Mark- You are doing a great job with these, keep up the good work.

      • Art of Baseball

        Fraaaaanco! I’m sending Sutt your way as well. I told him all about you! He’s a class act!

        Thanks for the support Franco!

    • Doughertyps

      Really great interview!  Good questions – great motivation for baseball players, parents, and fans!  Nice Job Mark and Eric!!

    • Craigwilsonbaseball

      How come the video isn’t up

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