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Kissimmee Sticks and John Madden w/ Art of Baseball Experts


Oh yea!!!! Another wood bat contest give away! Many thanks to John Madden for sitting down with us for a sec to talk to us about the Kissimmee Sticks baseball bats! I have to be honest…I was really impressed with the fact that the Kissimmee Sticks are all hand crafted and provide the same select grade quality of wood that is available at the Major League level. Not a lot of wood bat companies can say that.

IMPORTANT: Mark sure you answer the question of the day! John and I will be picking a winner with the BEST question and that winner will receive a brand new Kissimmee Stick with your name branded on it!

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John Madden

John Madden Youtube

Free Kissimmee Sticks wood bat contest give away!

Answer this question in the comment box below and we’ll pick a winner!

What are you working on right now to become the best hitter you can be?


24 thoughts on “Kissimmee Sticks and John Madden w/ Art of Baseball Experts

  1. What I am working on right now is with Ken Berry who is my hitting coach and we are working on me driving the ball I work on the tee everyday. I am working on my baseball skill including my catching base running and my throwing I always put the most attention in my hitting because that is how you win games I use a out side stands and I am trying to hit the ball up the middle every time I am up to bat I am on a power hitter so I try to hit it right up the middle I lift weights to make sure I am in shape and run I take dry cuts all the time I love baseball but the only thing is that I am to old to play baseball anymore I can’t find a adult league in my town it sucks but maybe I will find one

  2. Ideally what we should all be working on is becoming a complete hitter! Sure each of us may posses a certain set of skills such as pull power, plus speed, excellent bunter. But to truly increase your chances of succes and be able to help you team you want to be complete. Complete hitting is the idea that as a hitter, you are able to accomplish everything that is asked of you at the plate. A complete hitter must be able to not only pull the inside pitch but let balls on the outer half get deep in the zone to drive to the opposite field. A complete hitter must have the ability to hit balls in every zone so there are no holes in the swing. A complete hitter must be able to hit both fastballs as well as off speed pitches by having a balanced approach at the plate. A complete hitter must be able to hit behind the runner and execute on a hit and run when the situation calls for it. A complete hitter must be able to bunt the ball successfully when called upon and know where the ball should be placed. A complete hitter must be able to drive in runners from scoring position and always know what their job is. Finally, a complete hitter has to understand the mental aspects of hitting and how to use the information the opposing pitcher provides to create a better opportunity for success. Remember, even hall of famers fail 7 out of 10 times they walk up to the plate. To become a complete hitter you must dedicate yourself to working on aspects of hitting each and every day. It doesn’t matter how good you are now or what level of baseball you are playing, you can always become a better hitter by putting time into the specifics. In baseball natural ability can only take you so far and there are so many things asked of us as hitters, it takes this kind of dedication to truly be good. Becoming a complete hitter is what every player should strive towards and aspire to be!

  3. Ever day I’m go to the tee hit and record myself so my for can get better i also work on my week points in my swing like for me the up and inside pitch. I really do thank you guy for this chance to made myself better

    1. Awesome Richard! Thanks for posting! Goodluck!

  4. I am taking extra batting practice, keeping my eye on the ball, having someone study my mechanics.

  5. Keeping my head down all the way through my swing. Keeping hands inside the ball. Facing lefthanded pitching (I bat lefthanded) Handling the chest high inside fastball with live pitch BP sessions with my13U travel team’s manager (for an old dude he hits low 80’s alot). Having a focused sound approach during each at bat and a short memory…. 

    1. Short memory! I like it!

  6. Tee work, iron mike

    Tee work, iron mike

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    Tee work, iron mike

  7. Hitting an incoming ball with movement is far from a natural act but whoever chooses such a sport better prepare for shortcomings. And anybody can take 200+ swings a day
    but still can’t walk up to the plate with confidence. My plan is to visit a
    sport psychiatrist to re-program my way of thinking and release any negative
    tension that prohibits me from staying calm in then box. Gotta’ get my mind
    right! Like a prize fight against Mike Tyson!!

    So when I am in the
    dugout, I can effectively focus on the pitcher, visualize before
    I execute and control my breathing at the plate to increase my chances of
    knocking that pitcher out.

    1. Nice Juan! Let me know how that goes!

  8. I play Fastpitch Softball and pitchers throw from 46 feet with a hop more like 42 feet  at 74+ mph. with a riseball drop and curve . I’m just trying to make contact and let the pitcher help with the power . I go to the baseball cage 2-3 times a week and hit 75 mph baseballs , being a little smaller helps with eye contact .

    1. Great Blanch! Is your number #4? If so that was mine as well!

  9. I am a high school coach. I am doing my best to tweak everything I can and get to know the guys as best possible. Thanks for everything you do.

    1. Awesome! Good luck on your season!

  10. My son is a big 10 year old at 5’7″ and he loves the feel of a wood bat. He takes a minimum of 200 swings a day. He works off the T, soft toss, and one hand drills to build strength. He is working on keeping his hands in and staying behind the ball. He is getting much better at keeping his bat in the strike zone as long as possible and developing those quick hands with out flying open. He is becoming even more focused on getting more power from his legs involved in his swing by making sure he is balanced and on the balls of his feet. The bottom line practice and experimenting is the only way you get better and keeping an open mind and a positive attitude is very important. Especially at a younger age.

    1. Definitely agree Michael! Thanks for posting!

  11. Developing quick hands, making sure hands are always through the zone first allowing me to drive the outside fastball hard to opposite field and sit on that curve! My homemade cage allows me to swing up to sometimes 200x in a day. Always have to remember to drive off that back leg and keep a quiet head and upper body. Hard work speaks for itself!

    1. Chris……great comment man! 200+ swings a day is doing work! Congratulations!

  12. i am working hard with the exercises described by coach brooks . we have his art of baseball product and my bat speed has increased considerably and i am working hard and SMART in order to improve.. i cannot wait for my senior high school season this year.

    1. Thanks Michael! Great job!

  13. Being aggressive, using the whole field, reading the defence, bunting, straight to the ball, and hitting with two strikes.

    1. Aggressiveness is important! Thanks David!

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