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How to play and make baseball adjustments quicker

It’s an accepted ideology that being an effective baseball player comes down to making adjustments. Whether they be physical, mental, or emotional ones. A player will do well to understand this fact, learn what they can from it, and apply what they have learned as soon a possible, before it’s too late. The need to…

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Hitter’s check list: Tips on hitting

Believe me I am the biggest advocate of keeping things simple as a baseball player. Especially when playing, the only thing that I feel a hitter should ever focus on is the present situation, his approach, and staying internally balanced. That’s it! Throw whatever you have learned out the window, and let it fly. The…

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The truth about long toss (IMO)!

What is the right pitching philosophy? Recently I have been doing a lot of research looking for the answer to how baseball players, turn into physically elite ones. I have come to the conclusion, that the underlying principle is a mental/emotional one. Discussing pitching philosophy is a lot like discussing religion. While debating about why…

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Where does baseball talent come from?

Ask not what your talent can do for you but what you can do for your talent. When I think about talent and how important it is to have, I remember something that an old coach of mine once said about skills. ” Take a look at a kid’s talent and then go over to…

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