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Pitch In For Baseball w/ David Rhode

  When you hear a story like Pitch In for Baseball’s you’re reminded why you fell in love with this past-time in the first place. Many thanks to David Rhode for stopping by to talk about this incredible foundation and story on how they’re able to have a lasting impact on baseball players and little…

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How to be the strongest BASEBALL version of yourself w/ Elliott Hulse!

  Have you ever heard that you should never meet your heroes? Well I met mine. And it was GREAT! I was able to track down physical training expert and strength guru Elliott Hulse to share with the Art of Baseball community some really cool baseball philosophies! Many thanks to Elliot Hulse for joining us…

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Art of Baseball w/ Alan Jaeger on Peak Performance

  Many thanks to the “Long-Toss Guru” Alan Jaeger for visiting Art of Baseball Experts LIVE to talk to us about the importance of not thinking to much when you step on the field to perform as well as the importance of developing instinct with mental baseball practice! Peak performance is about what’s happening now.…

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Kissimmee Sticks and John Madden w/ Art of Baseball Experts

  Oh yea!!!! Another wood bat contest give away! Many thanks to John Madden for sitting down with us for a sec to talk to us about the Kissimmee Sticks baseball bats! I have to be honest…I was really impressed with the fact that the Kissimmee Sticks are all hand crafted and provide the same select…

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