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How to be the strongest BASEBALL version of yourself w/ Elliott Hulse!


Have you ever heard that you should never meet your heroes? Well I met mine.

And it was GREAT! I was able to track down physical training expert and strength guru Elliott Hulse to share with the Art of Baseball community some really cool baseball philosophies!

Many thanks to Elliot Hulse for joining us to talk about how you can:

  • Become the┬áSTRONGEST┬áversion of yourself
  • Truly MASTER mental toughness
  • Avoid muscle break down and fatigue

You’re going to LOVE this interview!

Make sure you listen to the whole thing and leave a comment!

We all have potential that needs to be cultivated, nurtured and brought to life and the way that happens is by stripping off negative and un-resourceful ideas and habits

-Elliott Hulse

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Advanced Neuromuscular Strength

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