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Baseball tips on accountability

  I get very skeptical when I hear about a baseball player is is known as being fearless……… I call BULL! Why exactly? Well simply because fear is an emotional response that has been developed as a means of survival for over thousands of years. Fear serves a functional purpose. I think when people see a baseball player who seems cool…

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Baseball training 60 yard dash tips w/ Thurman Hendrix

  So you’re at a baseball showcase…what is the first thing you do? You run the 60 yard dash right? What could you have done to increase your 60 yard dash time? Should you run first or last? In cleats or turfs? Should you even stretch before the big test? Thurman Hendrix answers all of…

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Becoming a good baseball player is like going on a road trip!

  We all want the secret to becoming a better baseball player right? In today’s baseball question Jason is wanting to know just that as well as what he should do when he wants to just give up! Brooksie, I think I’m about to hang em up! I’ve I just found out that I won’t…

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Breaking down Ichiro Suzuki’s approach at the plate

  So todays question comes Vincent and he is wanting to know… Why does Ichiro look like he needs to pee when at the plate and what’s with the bat pointing thing? The truth is, Ichiro is hands down one of the greatest hitters to play this game in the last hundred years. He’s ability…

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