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Baseball tips on accountability


I get very skeptical when I hear about a baseball player is is known as being fearless………

I call BULL!

Why exactly? Well simply because fear is an emotional response that has been developed as a means of survival for over thousands of years. Fear serves a functional purpose. I think when people see a baseball player who seems cool and collected and is able to execute and come through in clutch situations, they automatically assume, “Hey! This guys is FEEEAAAARLESS!”

Actually, what he is able to do is perform on a consistent basis in the presense of fear.

As you all know baseball is a game of failure. You fail more than you succeed. What will set you apart from players that you’re competing against as well as team-mates you’re competing with for playing time is you ability to repond to fear effectively.

You can start by taking full responsibility of your baseball career.

You can start by being accountable!

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