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Breaking down Ichiro Suzuki’s approach at the plate


So todays question comes Vincent and he is wanting to know…

Why does Ichiro look like he needs to pee when at the plate and what’s with the bat pointing thing?

The truth is, Ichiro is hands down one of the greatest hitters to play this game in the last hundred years. He’s ability to hit the ball where it’s pitched and utilize his speed has been a very innovative style of hitting. His approach is extremely unorthodox and yet his basis if very similar to almost every other hitter that demonstrates exceptional skills at the plate. He still achieves the essential aspects of a sounds swing.

With that being said, there is most definitly a method to Ichiro’s madness when it comes to attacking the baseball , executing correct hitting mechanics consistently and driving the ball hard somewhere.

In the video below, I demonstrate Ichiro’s mind set at the plate, what he’s trying to accomplish with his batting stance while trying to answer Vincent’s question about Ichiro’s quirky style at the plate.

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