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Achieving Greatness At The Plate Like Josh Donaldson


Finally got some rain this weekend. It get’s pretty dry here in Southern California. I’m from Florida so I’m used to a little drizzle here and there.

I have a new video w/ Josh Donaldson that I think you’d like.

Josh and I are from the same home-town and actually grew up playing ball together and against each other.

He was one of the MOST talented players I’ve ever played with.

The CRAZIEST also.

I remember this one time when we were around eleven or twelve. We were in a tournament in Louisiana. It was close to midnight. All the players and their parents were asleep expect for Josh of course.

I hear a KNOCK KNOCK at my door, and then next thing I know he had convinced my mom to allow me to go down to the indoor pool for a swim. It was me Josh and a pitcher named Bobby who was a VERY talented pitcher who ended up with the Angels.

One of the BEST memories I have of playing travel ball.

I remember a very important piece of advice Josh gave to me as an eleven year old to a fellow eleven year old.

“Never eat salty peanuts if you have chapped lips.”

That’s a whole other story.

Josh is a great player that you should all watch closely.

He plays this game with a level on intensity that is very rare. He plays for all he right reasons and I’m grateful to say I got to witness what it was like watching him develop.

Watch me give a short swing analysis of Josh Donaldson’s swing and learn more about what makes him such a great player.

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How to Hit Effectively With the Bases Loaded!


Down by one run…

Tying run is on third. Winning run is on second.

It’s the championship game. The pitcher is dirty. He has an un-hittable 2 seamer and a decent fast-ball sitting around 91 mph.

He struck you out looking in your last at-bat. What adjustment would you make?

This was my EXACT situation in this conference series.

Did I pull through?

Did I help my team win?

Was I the hero?

Watch the video to find out how to learn how to hit effectively with the bases loaded.


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Being Manny’s Team-Mate & Playing Defense in the Big Leagues w/ Damian Jackson


Okay so you show up to to the ball park early to take extra batting practice….

You go to your locker to put on your favorite socks and they’re gone!

Where are they? You need them because you’re like every other ball player on the face of the earth!

You’re either very superstitious or you’re a creature of habit!

Either way you need to find the culprit. You need your lucky socks!

Now if you’re Damian Jackson on the other hand and your team-mate is a 20 something year old Manny Ramirez you know exactly who’s guilty!

Many thanks to Damian Jackson for stopping by to sit it on this week’s episode of AoB EXPERTS to talk about what is was like playing with Manny Ramirez as well as:

  • What it was like playing for the Boston Red Sox in the play offs
  • How to be a GREAT defender at the Big League level.
  • How to make the jump from high-school baseball to professional baseball in one year

Are you looking for some solid advice that will help take your game of baseball to the next level?

Well sit back and enjoy the show!

Did you enjoy this interview?

Let me know what your biggest take away was in the comment box below!

How is your baseball season going?

Are you ready for summer baseball?

Talk soon!

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Brent Pourciau Shares 2 Arm Strength Secrets & How to Really Long Toss


What do pitchers and MOST postion players have in common?

They both want to do two things…

To increase their arm strength and avoid common arm injuries right?

So the question is, “How can you achieve the first thing while avoiding the last”?

We’ll we’re going to cover that in today’s episode of AoB Experts with pitching and arm strength expert Brent Pourciau.

In this interview we’ll go over:

  • the truth about long-toss
  • what foods to eat to increase your arm strength
  • why your arm hurts after practice

Many thanks to Brent for taking the time to share his knowledge. Even during a Louisiana storm!

You’ll see what I mean.


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