Down by one run…

Tying run is on third. Winning run is on second.

It’s the championship game. The pitcher is dirty. He has an un-hittable 2 seamer and a decent fast-ball sitting around 91 mph.

He struck you out looking in your last at-bat. What adjustment would you make?

This was my EXACT situation in this conference series.

Did I pull through?

Did I help my team win?

Was I the hero?

Watch the video to find out how to learn how to hit effectively with the bases loaded.


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    • Craig W

      I found out what my problem was, it was just keeping my hands and weight back throughout my load, I wasn’t doing that and so my hands were coming out early, I’m crushing the ball now.

    • Craig W

      I’m having trouble trusting in my hands… Like I’m not keeping them back with my hips and I’m not letting my legs and hips fire my hands if you know what I mean. I’m also having trouble keeping my front foot flat at contact, it opens early

      • Art of Baseball

        How often do you practice Craig?

        • Craig W

          sorry for the late reply, but I practice my hitting with an instructer once a week, and with another instructer once every other week. I take a lot of dry cuts though at my house.

          • Craig W

            I practice hitting about two times a week. sometimes three

            • Art of Baseball

              Okay so you’re getting the work in. Do me a favor and watch the “How to hit a baseball like bryce harper” video and then get back to me. That should answer your question but if not just reply to this thread. Thanks Craig.

            • Craig W

              Thanks, I watched the video and I would say my stride is very short, it ls just a small step forward. I’ve noticed that when I make my stride longer I do hit with more power. So you are saying I should make my stride longer and really feel the separation?

            • Art of Baseball

              What I’m saying is experiment, experiment, experiment!

              If you an achieve a loner stride without too much head movement then I say go for it. You’re probably feeling like you’re hitting the ball harder because you’re developing more momentum in your swing.

              Get your swing on camera and really see what work and what doesn’t.

              Let me know how it goes. Keep me in the loop Craig!

              Work Hard!!!!

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