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Achieving Greatness At The Plate Like Josh Donaldson


Finally got some rain this weekend. It get’s pretty dry here in Southern California. I’m from Florida so I’m used to a little drizzle here and there.

I have a new video w/ Josh Donaldson that I think you’d like.

Josh and I are from the same home-town and actually grew up playing ball together and against each other.

He was one of the MOST talented players I’ve ever played with.

The CRAZIEST also.

I remember this one time when we were around eleven or twelve. We were in a tournament in Louisiana. It was close to midnight. All the players and their parents were asleep expect for Josh of course.

I hear a KNOCK KNOCK at my door, and then next thing I know he had convinced my mom to allow me to go down to the indoor pool for a swim. It was me Josh and a pitcher named Bobby who was a VERY talented pitcher who ended up with the Angels.

One of the BEST memories I have of playing travel ball.

I remember a very important piece of advice Josh gave to me as an eleven year old to a fellow eleven year old.

“Never eat salty peanuts if you have chapped lips.”

That’s a whole other story.

Josh is a great player that you should all watch closely.

He plays this game with a level on intensity that is very rare. He plays for all he right reasons and I’m grateful to say I got to witness what it was like watching him develop.

Watch me give a short swing analysis of Josh Donaldson’s swing and learn more about what makes him such a great player.

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