We all know that hitter’s slumps are frustrating but what if  you could shorten them?

Better yet, what if you could go through them and then allow them to make you a better hitter who is more confident and has the skill sets to be the best hitter on his team and get noticed?

The idea is to find that place within your mind that provides the ability to use “hitting slumps” as a tool to actually become a better hitter by:

  • using patience and contribution as a virtue
  • excepting that failure is essential
  • letting go and allowing things to fall in their place
  • find a balance and learn to trust your abilities


You can teach yourself confidence, concentration and poise

I know what it’s like to feel like their is no hope. To feel like no matter what you do, hitting a baseball consistently is just to tough at times. You wan’t to give up and go home. Its during these times that you actually get better. A great example is when feeling the muscles burn during a workout. It’s only during the physical pain that you’re actually breaking down the muscle fibers to promote new muscle growth for better conditioning strenght and size.

Slumps are no different except that you’re conditioning your emotional muscles by demonstrating repetitions of failure!

You’ll be the best hitter on your team when you realize that it is a choice

There is no coach, piece of equipment, or hitting approach that’s going to make you reach your full potential until you realize that the process of becoming the best hitter on your team starts with making a choice. The choice to commit to making that a reality.

How to beat a hitting slump in 30 seconds

Using patience and contribution as a virtue- When I was slumping, the only thing on my mind was getting a hit. I was so concerned with my stats that I wasn’t doing the little things to help my team win. Here is the funny thing. When I was able to get out of my own head, focus on what I can do to help my team win, I somehow find myself in situations that helped me to achieve success with effortless ease. I received more pitches over the plate than ever before,  balls dropped in where the defense wasn’t playing, and I was always ahead in the count.

“Yes!!! There is KARMA in baseball. Love baseball by doing what’s right and she will love you back…..if not today…….tomorrow. Trust me.”

Excepting that failure is essential- You’ve heard me say it again and again. Failure is something you need in order to develop. No failure, no growth. Nobody talks about the fact that Babe Ruth broke the strike-outs record the same year he belted 60 home-runs.

Let go and allow things to fall in their place- You will soon realize that the better you’re able to allow the cards fall where they may, the better you will be able to let your natural abilities come through. The more natural abilities, the more results. The more results, the shorter the slumps!

Find a balance and learn to trust your abilities- When we slump, it’s because we are trying to hard. We have somehow developed the idea that the harder we try the better off we will be. News flash! It’s the exact opposite. The harder it seems to get the results that we wan’t the more we have to learn to trust that we are on the right track. Trust that slumps are a feedback mechanism, that will give us data on what we need to do today to become better hitters tomorrow.

Beat your slump now!

Beating a slump in 30 seconds comes down to not fighting it. Allow this process to happen, don’t worry about getting hits. They will come. Focus instead on being the best kind of player who deals with slumps and you will find that at the end of the season, you got all the hits you strived to get.

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    • Tyson

      Chris, I subscribed, but havn’t got the videos yet, 

    • Chris Farrow

      Mark it’s Chris again. I ended up going 1-3 with a single in the game and driving in a run as well as scoring one myself. too bad we lost 🙁

    • Chris Farrow

      Mark, I’ve been in the worst slump as of late. what I just read is exactly what it’s like for me. I’m too busy focusing on getting hits and not helping my team. I know what I need to do now and I think this has really helped me a lot. let’s see if I can string some hits together tomorrow!

      • Art of Baseball


        That’s awesome man! Let me know how your games goes tomorrow! I would love to hear it! Good luck!


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