One of the most difficult things about hitting and doing it successfully and consistently is staying focused on an approach. There are a lot of distractions that will take away that focus, which could mean a lower batting average and less playing time.

Here is a checklist that every hitter should be aware of and stick with when playing day in and day out.


1.) Understand the situation before stepping into the batters box. Choose what adjustments you will have to make, and what role you play in the line-up.

2.) Slow your heart-rate down by breathing from your center of gravity(stomach). This will allow your muscles to relax and make for a quicker, more powerful swing.

3.) Look for one pitch and one pitch only. Hitting is about taking control of the at-bat. The pitcher is on your time, not the other way around. If you make him throw your pitch, you’ll have a better chance of driving the ball. Don’t be afraid of taking a pitch to do so!

4.) Know how to use your eyes. Whether your eyes have a “soft focus” looking in the general direction of the pitcher then moving to a “hard focus” by picking up the release point, or focusing on the pitcher’s hat. Using your eyes is about timing.

5.) Unless you’re absolutely sure you’re taking the pitch, in your mind you should be thinking, “yes yes yes”. You’re prepared to swing. If it isn’t in the location you wan’t, let your body react to taking the pitch.

7.) Step out of the box after each pitch, and think about staying inside the ball.

8.) It’s easier to adjust from fast to slow instead of slow to fast. Think fast-ball, if you get something else, adjust accordingly.

9) Keep things simple. The easier things are, the better the results.

10) Remind yourself why you’re here. Each at-bat is an opportunity to demonstrate all that you have learned. Each game is a test of your courage, persistence, and drive. If you can learn to play with a purpose, you may be surprised at how often you will get on base.

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