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10 tips to run a faster 60 yard dash



Hey guys! Here are a few 60 yard dash tips that can hopefully help you run a faster 60 yard dash in to time.

Use less static stretches and more dynamic warm ups to get loose

Static stretching actually reduces power output. I feel that athletes could do better by preparing for practice while doing a dynamic warm up that moves from basic, low intensity movements to faster, more explosive movements as the muscles loosen up. You want to simulate movements that athletes will go through in practice or a game. What happens when you try and stretch a cold rubber band? In a way, you can think about your muscles the same way.

Lift quick and lift heavy

Understanding the importance of sports specific straining and recognizing it’s connection to the 60 yard dash was what I believe allowed me to experience progression in my 60 yard dash time.

I spent more time finding a balance with lifting weights that were heavy enough to induce the process of muscle breakdown and growth within my lower body. Not only did this increase the power within my legs, it released powerful natural growth hormones which induced growth and strength throughout my body.

Get a good stretch in after a warm shower

I loved stretching after a hot shower. Because of the heat and water, your muscles are much more supple and ready for further stretching. It’s during this time that you can expand and go beyond your normal range of motion. This will also lessen tha chance of sports related injury and promote better rest and recovery. Which leads to the next tip;)

Get the right kind of rest

If you are looking to see some improvement in your 60 yard dash, you will have to be willing to make some sacrifices. This means listening to your body, and giving it the rest it is telling you it needs!!!!

Eat the right kinds of foods

Your body is your temple. How it functions is a direct outcome of the types of foods you put in it. Your recovery has a lot do do with the types of foods you eat as well. The best place to start is to experiment with alkaline foods that help support recover in the least amount of time.


Run with someone faster than you

This was a great way for me to get faster. I love the competitive nature of running against someone  I aspired to run as fast as. Not only was this motivating, but it gave me a reference point of where I needed to be.

Think long strides not quick steps

I had a horrible habit of making short quick strides while running. It took me a while to actually relax my mind and body so that I was able to elongate my stride, and increase the lenght I was traveling.

It’s not about being fast, but quick and powerful.

Take these quick 60 yard dash tips, and run with them! No pun intended;p

Watch the 60 yard dash interview here with Thurman Hendrix here

Make sure you watch the full interview so that no leaf gets unturned as you prepare for your next 60 yard dash! Good luck!

rebel 60 yard dashGrab your copy of The Rebel 60 Yard Dash Guide and develop your own strategy for becoming a faster baseball player.

Remember: It’s not always about natural speed. It could be the smallest adjustments with your mental approach as well as little tricks that could be the difference between 2-3 tenths of a seconds.

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Q&A Episode 1-Know thy self-Work Hard,work smart!

This week’s baseball question comes from Rick! He has a quick question about the best way to deal with slumps, pressure, and the process of playing in front of scouts and recruiters all while trying to enjoy the game to get the most out of his abilities!

Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me what you, your son, or players have done to deal with failire and pressure during the baseball season.

Also, what are you doing to better access your strengths and weaknesses?

Bonus Alert: First right answer wins a prize!!!!

Who was the hitter in the beginning of this episode?

Hope you enjoyed this week’s baseball tips. Have you signed up to our newsletter yet? If not, we would love to have you become part of the family!

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Hitting advanced pitching

Making the adjustment to better pitching is a big deal.

Whether its an adjustment made during an at-bat, game, or new level of competition.

Seeing higher velocities, better movement, surperior pitch location, and un-godly secondary pitches is something that you will have to expect will serve as a huge challenge for you.

Luckily, it will be difficult for the players you are competing against for a starting position as well.

If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m a huge advocate of simplifying hitting.

So here are 4 things that you can implement in your approach that will, without a doubt, make you a better hitter if you apply them correctly.

Be ready to hit the fastball

Being ready to hit the fast-ball comes down to a couple of things.
  1. Understanding the situation. Do you know what the situation calls for? is it a fast-ball count. Are there guys on base?
  2. Getting started on time. Meaning that you have begun your pre-swing movements at the correct time during the pitcher’s wind-up. The harder he throws, the sooner you have to start. You can measure this by timing the pitcher in “the hole”, or  while “on deck”. I call this “calibrating the pitcher”

Learn to drive the ball the other way

You will eventualy face a pitcher who is just dominating. The pitcher may be making you and everyone else in your line-up look like you’ve never picked up a bat in your life.
In this case, driving the ball the other way is an effective approach becuase it will allow you to see the ball longer, hit better with two strikes, and become more effective deeper in the count, thus causing the pitcher to throw more pitches. Words can’t express how valuable this is!

Be selectively aggressive

Learn to key-hole a pitch. All a good pitcher want’s to do is make you hit “his” pitch. Majority of the time, “his pitch” is a pitch out of the strike-zone.
Being selectivly aggresssive means having a clear idea of watch pitch you wan’t to hit in a specific location, and ignoring the rest.
If he throws you that pitch, you will be ready. You will not miss it. You get good at being selectivly aggressive by practicing. You train to hit a specfic pitch over and over again so that when you get it, you dont miss it!
This is why “Tee work” is so important!!!

Enjoy the process

I have said it time and time again. You will have your struggles. You will have your frustrations. If you can get to the point as a hitter where you are so focused on what you need to do to make an adjustment to do better, that you don’t have the time or energy to get mad or discouraged, you will become a great hitter.
I promise!
Forget about your batting average. Forget about results. Focus on ONLY things yo can control like your preperation, effort, and one specific mechanical habit such as “staying inside the ball” or, “breathing”.
You can always control this.
Get to work!