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    • Art of Baseball


      You sound just like me when I was in college! You’re a breath of fresh air.

      To answer your questions. You deal with failure by looking at it as a feedback mechanism and as something that you need in order to get better. The less you are afraid of failure the more you will be willing to take risks which will influence your development. The more you are willing to fail, the better you will become. Also remember, you have to develop the awareness of why you’re failing.

      Take this to heart. “It’s impossible to truly fail if you decide today that you will never……ever……give up………!

    • Cash1687

      As of right now, my biggest goal is to play in show. I know that every baseball player in the worlds dream is to play professionally, I realize this. I am currently a college player at the University Of Northern Colorado, where I was accepted as a walk on. I did not get recruited by anyone out of high school but always felt that I had the talent to play anywhere. After playing in high school I was an all state selection and eventually played in the Utah High School All star Game. Where I have come since my freshman year of high school is astronomical. I was not even supposed to start varsity until my senior year of high school but with my continous work ethic, I put in a lot of hours trying to improve and reach my ultimate goal of playing college baseball. When I got to school here in Colorado, I talked with the coaches about playing here and sent them a personal bio of me along with some video of me practicing. The coaches said they would accept me as a preferred walk on during the fall season. Since the school is Division-1 they were bringing on five other walk ons like myself to see if they had the ability to make the spring squad. I was excited but I knew that just because I was offered on the Fall team did not mean that I was going to be playing here for four years. I eventually made the team and was not cut from the roster proving to myself that I can play at this level. I have proven a lot of people and learned a lot about myself and what it takes to improve. A lot of people think that just because you go to the yard and work hard means that your going to improve. I do not believe in the term “Work Hard” I believe in the term “Work Smart”, meaning that you can not just work on the stuff that you are good at or just go to the yard to hit baseballs and see how far you can hit them. When practicing you have to create a purpose or something that you need to improve on everyday somewhat like a plan. It has been a long journey through high school till my freshman year of baseball in college. I have learned a lot about myself and more importantly learned how to handle failure. I have failed a lot to where I have become and I always used failure as a way to find out what I am doing wrong. Failure gives a clear conclusion to what is going wrong with your game and what needs to be done to improve, it gives feed back. Right now I am currently redshirting and have asked my self many times, What do I need to do to keep improving? Now that I am at a level where there is a lot of players that are physically and mentally just better then me. Is hard work going to keep paying off is there something else I need to do to be successful? What about the mental game? I just want some advice on what I need to do keep climbing that mountain and improving? I honestly can say know one wants it more then I do. I would give up my left nut to be a proffessional baseball player and I honestly can say that without just to think i would actually do it. What are some ways to cope with failure better?

      Please Give me feedback

      Robert Cashel

      • Brad Manuel

        Robert, I hope you’re still pursuing your dream. Have you read the Mental Game of Basbeall? Great read!

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