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My favorite “Focus Building” hitting drill!

. So it seems like sometimes, your kid isn’t into it. He doesn’t want to listen to the advice of the “Baseball Dad”. What is a baseball dad to do when he gets the “I know dad!” response? And then hears his kid say “Okay” when someone else says the SAAAME THING.I hear about this “pan point”…

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Not Hitting? Blame The Baseball!

Not hitting? Blame the baseball!

  As you know, sometimes the solution to a problem can be quiet counterintuitive. Sometimes the answer is the EXACT opposite to the solution that we initially proposed in our mind! For example, if a young ballplayer is struggling during batting practice, the logical response from a parent or coach would be as follows: “Concentrate!”…

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How small players hit for BIG POWER like Jose Altuve!

  It’s 2009. I’m training with the Padres, taking ground balls during batting practice. The player I’m training with asks me, ” Hey, have you ever heard of this guy named Jose Altuve?” Nope, I replied. Doesn’t ring a bell. “Well he’s supposedly the Astros’ number one prospect, and he’s only about 5″5 a buck 60.”…

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