So it seems like sometimes, your kid isn’t into it.

He doesn’t want to listen to the advice of the “Baseball Dad”.

What is a baseball dad to do when he gets the “I know dad!” response?

And then hears his kid say “Okay” when someone else says the SAAAME THING.I hear about this “pan point” from many a parents.

If you’re a baseball parent that can relate to this…trust me, you’re NOT ALONE! Here’s my advice.

Step of the gas, take all the pressure of performing in practice or competition, and turn EVERYTHING into a measurable game.

One of the ways that I do this is by playing a game that I made up for my private lessons called “Tensies’.

Learn how I was able to guide my young “bat-speed” grass hoppers into players who were demonstrating:

  • higher levels of focus and concentration by engaging their peak interest in the swing repetition.
  • a mature example of focusing on something you CAN control which produces self confidence
  • a sense of progress since they’re able to see tangible results in the form of higher levels of consistency with the rules of the actual game.

You can’t beat that.

Listen in on how I did this at one of my Bat-Speed Boot Camp events and see what lessons were learned.


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What did you think of this video?

What do you do when you’re struggling during a batting practice? What did you think about this approach?

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