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How to hit a baseball like a super hero

What if you had the mental toughness and confidence of Captain America? What about the strength and quickness of Thor – The God of Thunder , or the intimidation and muscle power of the HULK!!!! Hitting a baseball would be pretty fun right? Unless you hate summer blockbusters or you live in California and refuse…

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The Art of Hitting a Baseball- Part l

In the Art of Hitting do not let your frame of mind be any different from your everyday mind. In both daily activity and in competitive activity, your mind should not change in the least,  instead should be calm and straightforward neither tense or slackened. The mind doesn’t become side tracked during non-action  and does…

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How to have a perfect summer ball season

Summer baseball is where it’s at! For players at all levels getting the chance to plate everyday without worrying about school work is a dream come true. More importantly, summer ball provides the player to gather the repetitions he needs in order to develop his skills to dominate the talent he will compete against next season.…

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3 Highly Effective Hitting Tips

  How do you concentrate effectively as a hitter? How do you make sure that you’re focus level is at it’s maximum level during each at-bat….throughout a whole season? Those are two VERY important questions……so here are 3 VERY  effective answers. Watch the pitcher from the dugout If you look carfully, the pitcher will tell…

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