Summer baseball is where it’s at! For players at all levels getting the chance to plate everyday without worrying about school work is a dream come true.

More importantly, summer ball provides the player to gather the repetitions he needs in order to develop his skills to dominate the talent he will compete against next season.

So how do we make sure that summer baseball is an experience to remember?

By understanding what summer baseball is truly all about……..

It’s about the experience

It’s important to remember that the valuable thing about summer ball isn’t only in gathering as much experience as possible. It’s about building relationships on and off the field and in the dugout. Relationships that you will never forget.

Let that be your main focus. Creating unique experiences. The development and the results will come on their on accord.

It’s about preparing

Regardless of your age, summer ball will also introduce to the player what it will be like playing professionaly. Competing on a daily basis, day games, double headers and road trips.

Take these circumstances into account and know that each moment is preparing you to be they kind of player that gets “paid” playing a kids game.

It’s about getting clear

The summer season won’t last forever though. If you want to make sure you’re developing the way you need to be, you need to be clear with what it is you want to experience as a player.

  • Better bat control?
  • More power?
  • More playing time?
  • More confidence?
  • More discipline?

Write out what it is you think you really need to be to become that All-Star. Keep that idea in the fore front of your mind and walk, talk and act like it has already happened.

What you may fiNd is that your skills, mental abilities, and confidence are starting to reflect your most ambitious goals as an athlete.

Let summer ball be your opportunity in saying to everyone that you are serious about becoming a better ball player.

If you say it loud enough….. people will listen.

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