Monthly Archives: July 2010

The courage to play baseball

There is no other sport in the world that signs as many professional contracts that baseball signs a year. Knowing this, does it make you feel like,”hey maybe I have a shot to make it professionally” or perhaps you might be thinking, wow a lot of guys get signed every year, I have to be…

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Chasing down the baseball dream

Mostly every little leaguer has had the inspiration to become a Major League baseball player. This dream is simply part of the sport’s tradition. As most of them get older, as the level of competition gets harder, it becomes just as hard to keep this dream. It was hard for me, it is even hard…

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Increase your Baseball Talent in 20 min

The interesting thing about baseball nowadays is that players are simply getting better. Every few years or so, a player has done something that no other player has done or has achieved something that  only a small group of players have accomplished. I think the available resources that are present for even younger players are…

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