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The courage to play baseball

There is no other sport in the world that signs as many professional contracts that baseball signs a year. Knowing this, does it make you feel like,”hey maybe I have a shot to make it professionally” or perhaps you might be thinking, wow a lot of guys get signed every year, I have to be perfect to not get replaced!”.

Playing baseball can be scary. I cant’ think of many things in baseball that are guaranteed except that one day you will have to hang it up, whether it’s after your SR year of high school or 20th year in the big leagues. Nothing lasts in this game. Records get broken, winning streaks end, and stadiums get built to one day be torn down.

I can think of one thing in baseball that lasts. It has stood the test of time. It was there when Kurt Gibson hit that world series home run. It was there in 1947 with Jackie Robinson. It’s here even now.


It takes courage to play this game. Day in a day out you may feel different before each game throughout a season. You may feel worn down, devoid of all confidence. You may think that you really aren’t good enough to play professionally. You might think that you’re not even good enough to play college.

It doesn’t matter. If you have courage, the lack of confidence doesn’t make a difference.

Give me nine guys who don’t think very highly of their own talent but have courage, and they’ll beat you every time.

It’s not enough to be talented. You have to play this game with emotional content. With passion.

Life is willing to share only what you’re willing to give.

If its courage you’re giving, the prize is everything that baseball has to offer.

The unfortunate thing is, most players don’t exhibit this kind of courage.

You can…..once you commit

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