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Increase your Baseball Talent in 20 min

The interesting thing about baseball nowadays is that players are simply getting better. Every few years or so, a player has done something that no other player has done or has achieved something that  only a small group of players have accomplished. I think the available resources that are present for even younger players are responsible for this extreme advancement in baseball talent. Players are now stronger, faster, and have much more endurance then players 20 years ago. The stamina aspect, I believe can be attributed to players playing year round at a young age.

So with this increase in talent, you have to ask yourself, how does this affect you and your opportunity to play”? Do you feel like somehow you have been left out in this increase in overall talent? Do you feel like you lack athletic ability? Are you not as fast as other players, or dont throw as hard? Maybe you wish you had a bit more pop in your bat.

Increase your talent with mental pictures
Physically a player can do a lot to increase his abilities, and if he works as smart as he works hard, results will inevitably come, but what I want baseball players to become aware of is the power of INTENTION or what has been has been popularly known as “The Law of Attraction. I use the word Power because essentially that’s what it is. It’s power!!!! And once you have learned to harness and control this mysterious but wonderful power, you can have and experience anything you want, not only from baseball, but from life as well. So now that you are a bit familiar with the “Power of Intention or Law of Attraction, I want you to pound this concept into your head!!!! I mean anything that you would want out of baseball.

Since this is a very important concept to understand, because it can possibly give you everything and anything that baseball has to offer, I would like for you to take a look at your current situation. What team you play for, where you play, what kind of teammates you have, how successful you are, how much playing time you’re getting. Whether they are experiences that you presently enjoy or experiences that you do not.  All of these things that you are experiencing are the outcomes of your thoughts you have had in the past. You see, we are in constant creation of our lives, and depending on our “habitual thoughts” we experience either negative or positive outcomes.

Change your thinking patterns
If you aren’t getting enough playing time, guess what you created it. By thinking and talking about how much you dislike sitting on the bench, or visualizing or worrying about how bad it would feel and be to spend time on the bench, instead of envisioning a season where you are an everyday starter who has played a key role on the team. If your batting average is low…….yes….you created it. By talking about how much you suck or envisioning how embarrassing it would be to strike out in front of these scouts or fans instead of visualizing hitting a pitch up the middle, you have created a negative experience!!!! Did you just get released? Yup, say it with me. YOU ATTRACTED IT.! Instead of of taking the time to intend that you will have plenty opportunities to play professional ball, you wasted your time and energy worrying and hoping that nothing bad happens to your career.

Awareness is the key
So what do you think I’m trying to say? Be aware of how, and what you think!!!! Yes, I know your probably thinking I didn’t create the over demanding coach, obnoxious fans, the injury, or lack of support from friends or family, but I’ll tell you this, excepting that you did attract these things into your life is the first step to actually being able to change the negative experiences into positive ones

You see?!!! You can truly hit for a higher average, increase velocity, overcome an injury, sign the scholarship or contract you wanted, or any other thing that you can “THINK” of just by consistently focusing on things you want
( success) instead of things you don’t want(failure). Imagine the possibilities. I know its hard to because there endless!!!!!!
Very famous and important people have discovered this power and used it to do their bidding.

Albert Einstein- “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.
Napoleon Hill-Whatever your mind can conceive and can believe, it can achieve.
John Demartini-Whatever we think about and thank about we bring about.
The Secret- Whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting

Take action
So you’re probably asking yourself, what can I do to become better at being more consistent with my thoughts. Like anything else, practice. Set aside 20 minutes a day. Quite your mind and attempt to visualize the best possible situation you could have playing baseball. What team do you dream playing for? Does becoming wealthy from playing baseball excite you? Visualize it. Do you want to go from a 6.9 60 yard dash to a 6.4? Close your eyes and imagine what that would be like. The more detailed your vision is the quicker it will become your reality.

It comes down to a matter of feeling. How you feel about what you see in your minds eye is important. If it makes you feel inspired, motivated, simply happy, then you’re on the right track. Remember Im not implying  that you have to control your every thought 24/7. Some negative thoughts are going to creep in. Its inevitable. But its a proven fact that a positive thought is 100 times more powerful than a negative one. So keep the positive ones coming, and when thinking this way becomes a habit, a way of life, you will be able to overcome any and all obstacles.

Mental Work
So the task is 20 minutes a day. Try this for a few weeks and see the results. Try small things at first if you’re a beginner at this (attracting a brand new Rawlings Mitt or a supportive friend off the field). Then with success, you can move on to bigger visions like a professional contract, hitting 400, or more playing time. You can be a better player in 20 minutes. Imagine what you can be in one month of dedicated positive visualization?

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  1. I absolutely positively agree. We are constantly creating our experience here on earth with our thoughts. Specifically with the mental pictures in our heads. How this works I’m baseball is no different!

  2. Thanks for the comments!

  3. Domingo doesn’t need any more talent….he’s “God Given”

  4. Very interesting! Never thought about mental baseball in that way…..

  5. Very interesting. People rarely talk about the relationship that baseball has with our mental mindset in this way. Good article:)

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