Mostly every little leaguer has had the inspiration to become a Major League baseball player. This dream is simply part of the sport’s tradition. As most of them get older, as the level of competition gets harder, it becomes just as hard to keep this dream. It was hard for me, it is even hard for the ones that do make it.

As a baseball player, if you  have the courage to truly  pursue your dream, to set goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them, it will take a lot of sacrifice, focus, wisdom, and most of all PERSISTANCE.
Failure is part of the game, if you can’t handle failure then you  should have quit yesterday. If you are truly prepared to be a man, someone who can  stare fear in the face and achieve his goals I will simply ask you this.

How do you dream?
Do you dream of success? Have you aspired to live the life of the heroes that you hear about that achieve great feats? Both physical and mental. For the most of you, you will not sign the multi million dollar contracts,  But you can have a million dollar dream. Your very own self-worth will not be dictated by the power of a pen, a stat, or opinion of another. Your worth will be expressed by the contract you sign with your highest self, with your devotion to a greater cause.

You will then see yourself as one with abilities comparable to the most talented players, and its limits are determined by what your own mind is able to imagine. If you are willing to take the first step to this mysterious journey, you will see the possibilities are truly endless. You may see certain circumstance that seem to block  you from your goals but I tell you, an injury, bad coaching or available resources are no match to positive thought. This thought alone will bring into manifestation your vision for your future . If you want to be a professional baseball player then intend to be.

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