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The “SECRET” Big League Approach

There is a secret that Big League baseball players know about when it comes to being successful in this sport. It’s so effective and yet even the youngest most inexperienced player can use it to become a better baseball player. In fact young kids were probably the first to use this incredible baseball technique, and for whatever reason, circumstances have forced some baseball players to move away from this secret baseball approach.

Now let me present to you this secret approach……drum roll………

It’s very simple. After all the hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and labor, if you’re not having fun, it will not be worth it.

As a baseball player, how long do you think you will last in this game if you’re not enjoying the experience of strapping on a pair of cleats, and swinging a bat??!

Even for you baseball parent’s. Have you taken the time to remind you kids how important it is to simply have fun and enjoy themselves? It can be very easy to get caught up in results, winning, and losing. Have we forgotten about the process?

It’s about the journey. Not the destination.

Playing baseball is truly a privilege, and we would be doing a dishonor by not doing everything we can to show our gratitude.

The great thing about having fun is that joy gives you positive energy. Positive energy gives you confidence and confidence is everything! Do me a favor. If ever you find yourself struggling, or you are the parent of a player struggling, ask yourself this.

Are you forgetting to have fun?

Play baseball not in the past or future. Play it in this moment for it’s this moment that holds the potential for success. This moment is a gift, and that is why we call it the present.

4 thoughts on “The “SECRET” Big League Approach

  1. Awesome advice.  As a parent, I spend a lot of time trying to help my son correct the little things, like his stance, or swing, or footwork.  Sometimes, when it’s game time, he starts asking in practice if he’s setting up right, doing this or that right.  That’s when I have to remind him to just STOP.  We worked on things at practice.  He worked on things with his coaches.  Now it’s time to play.  Whatever goes wrong, we’ll work on tomorrow.  I didn’t always do this and I regret every game in which I gave him advice on game day, or worse, during the game.  

    1. Thanks a lot. Yea letting go and judt playing will always be a challenge and as a player begins to play at higher levels the task becomes that much harder.

      But in your defense, I imagine that you want the best for your child. Offering advice comes second nature I suppose.

      How old is your son?

      1. He’s only 10.  He’s played every other sport, but in the last 2 years, it’s been baseball year round.  I don’t know if he’ll get burned out by it or not, but at least it’s been his choice.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of pressure in competitive leagues even at this age.  I can only imagine what the pressure is like when a player can make it past high school ball.  
        In the future, it would be great to hear about your experience at higher levels of play.  The advice on the site is great, but even the everyday experiences (good and bad) of guys playing ball at a high level make for great reading.  

        1. You know I think the pressure of a competitive environment can be a good thing when a player has the tools and resources to respond to it correctly. Your son may be only 10 but he is in a very important stage of developing his self- image and beliefs of what he is capable of as an athlete.

          It sounds like he has a a father who is providing support which is absolutely essential. I think people tend to underestimate the powerful influence that a parent has on the baseball player.

          I will definitely begin to start talking about my own specific baseball experiences. Thanks for the positive input!

          Oh by the way I appreciate your comments but just know that I have a reward system for people who participate here. I give away free prizes every month!

          Here is the info about that.


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