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Increase Velocity – 15 Tips

3X Pitching Velocity ProgramAsk any baseball player what tool they would most like to develop and they will most likely tell you “speed”. Ask a baseball scout what do they look for in a prospect, and they will tell you the same thing. Whether it’s foot speed, bat speed, or arm speed, ultimately speed is the name of the game.

If your a player and you don’t have it, let me tell you that I have seen many players with average potential develop themselves into gifted athletes.

There are a lot of things that they did to get them to a certain level of ability which you can do as well. If you want to learn how to throw hard for instance and develop arm strength, here are 15 things things you can do today!

1. Learn to use your legs

2. Utilize  weighted balls

3. Throw long toss

4. Understand that arm speed is a direct result of knowing how to throw hard.  It is one of the most important attributes a ball player and specifically a pitcher will know how to do.

5. The art of knowing how to throw hard comes from visualizing how and what is feels like to throw hard. Thoughts are things, and what we think about, we bring about.

6. Lifting heavy weights doesn’t necessarily teach you to know how to throw hard.

7. Listin to your body to avoid injury. The longer you can stay healthy, the more time you can spend on developing your arm strenght and flexibility.

8 Stretch every single day. If you know how to throw hard, you will know how to stretch smart.

9. Learn yoga techniques. I’m a firm believer that Yoga principles, have a lot to offer for players developing speed power and flexibility.

10. Learn self-help. I have realized that the only person you can rely on to invest in your highest potential is yourself. If you want to learn how to throw hard, you have the ability to figure it out on your own.

11. Develop a strong will power. Often times people quit because they don’t see the results quick enough. The person who wins is the person who doesn’t give up. Its impossible to fail if you decide now that you will never give up.

12. Remember that failure is purely a good thing. Young baseball player are taught that failure is something bad and should be avoided. The truth is the opposite. It’s the only way to develop your skills. You learn through failure.

13. If you wan’t to learn how to throw hard, ask yourself why. Understand that you will never reach this goal without a sense of purpose. Eat, sleep and breathe this purpose, and the results will come.

14. Focus on daily progress. Dreams are realized by consistent daily action. Little by little, step by step, you will come closer to increasing your velocity and learning how to throw hard.

15. Put the exact number/velocity on your wall. As you look at it everyday, you are convincing your subconscious mind that you have the ability to throw hard and if you haven’t learned by now, your beliefs create your reality.

Developing arm strength is a product of both persistence and tenacity. Develop these two components and the rest will follow.

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Fast Arm – Will it Increase Velocity?

Throw faster and reduce injuries with the FastArm!

Invented by former MLB player Bob Kaiser, the FastArm is an innovative new throwing aid/tool that has the capability to completely change the potential of your throwing arm and increase velocity. “Arm action” is a popular phrase that professional baseball scouts use that basically mean proper arm movements/actions occurring at the right time.

This can possibly take years to learn and master through in game experience and bull pens, but the FastArm cuts down the learning curve minimizes the guess work for you and your arm action.

By using the Fast Arm, you will develop consistent timing sequences that let your arm to speed up all the way to the releasing of the baseball. Even better, it allows you to completely finish your follow through while reducing common wear and tear on your important areas of your arm.


The FastArm automatically supinates your forearm as your arm swings up and externally rotates and turns your shoulder into the cocking position. Then as your shoulder starts to internally rotate and adduct, the FastArm keeps the elbow up and automatically pronates your forearm as the ball release takes place. From there, the FastArm guides your arm and twists your trunk to a complete follow through.

-Bob Kaiser

Throw faster and reduce injuries at!