Throw faster and reduce injuries with the FastArm!

Invented by former MLB player Bob Kaiser, the FastArm is an innovative new throwing aid/tool that has the capability to completely change the potential of your throwing arm and increase velocity. “Arm action” is a popular phrase that professional baseball scouts use that basically mean proper arm movements/actions occurring at the right time.

This can possibly take years to learn and master through in game experience and bull pens, but the FastArm cuts down the learning curve minimizes the guess work for you and your arm action.

By using the Fast Arm, you will develop consistent timing sequences that let your arm to speed up all the way to the releasing of the baseball. Even better, it allows you to completely finish your follow through while reducing common wear and tear on your important areas of your arm.


The FastArm automatically supinates your forearm as your arm swings up and externally rotates and turns your shoulder into the cocking position. Then as your shoulder starts to internally rotate and adduct, the FastArm keeps the elbow up and automatically pronates your forearm as the ball release takes place. From there, the FastArm guides your arm and twists your trunk to a complete follow through.

-Bob Kaiser

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