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Learn to practice baseball in your sleep

Have you ever gone 4 for 4 in a game, got a winning base hit,  or struck out Albert Pujols and Derek Jeter then wake up to your alarm clock thinking to yourself,” Man!…..I was sleeping…it was just a dream”.? Throughout my baseball career, I have had many dreams about playing baseball and chances are so have you. On average, people have between 4-5 dreams per night. The problem is, upon waking we forget them and  we use the valuable and practical things that our sleeping dreams can provide us.

The process of becoming aware while you are asleep in your dream is called “Lucid Dreaming”.  It has been studied and practiced for over a thousand years. When a dreamer becomes lucid, he or she can actively participate and manipulate their dreams, eventually being able to experience anything they choose.

What would you do if I told your that while sleeping, with practise, you can learn to become aware in your dreams. You can literally while dreaming say, “hey!….I am dreaming”. If you could become aware in your dreams and control it what and where would you go. I tell you where I would. To a baseball field, and face the most talented baseball players of all time. In my “Lucid Dream” I would probably put Babe Ruth at first, Johnny Bench catching, Derek Jeter at short, Jacki Robinson at second, Pete Rose at third, Mickey Mantle in right, Willy Mays in center , Joe Dimaggio in left,  and I would be facing Randy Johnson from back in his prime.

Imagine the possibilities of being able to control your dreams while sleeping. You can travel to different places, surf 100 ft waves, box Muhammid Ali, go on a date with Jessica Biel:) It really doesn’t matter as long as you can learn to truly control your dream experience.

So you’re probably wondering what the use of practicing baseball in your sleep is. Well to answer your question, besides being given the opportunity to play against baseball’s  greatest legends, it’s the rehearsal of success.

In high school, I had trouble facing guys who threw hard. 88 miles an hour for me back then was just to fast! When I started lucid dreaming I purposely dream about facing a pitcher throwing way faster than eighty. In my dream I would simply tell myself, “I’m going to hit this guy no matter what”!! It’s funny how lucid dreaming works. All I had to do was think about hitting this pitcher who was throwing harder than anything I had seen in real life, and it was a piece of cake. I hit line drives after line drives, and when I woke up, I just couldn’t wait to get to a field. I had all the confidence in the world.

I have been practicing lucid dreaming ever since, and now I have moved on to other dream content, but with the same intention. To experience new and incredible things that I am aspiring to experience in real life.

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