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How to Trick a Pitcher into throwing you Co!k shot Fast-Balls

Batting tips # 3

Just like there are certain disciplines that are required to developing yourself as an overall baseball player. There are disciplines that you need to aware of when it comes to being a seasoned hitter.

A very important element in hitting is patience.

Ted Williams made the idea of getting a good pitch to hit practically a law in the science of hitting, and unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know that he knew what he was talking about.

I always have looked at the duel between a pitcher and hitter as a chess match. As one player attempts to execute, the other either counter executes by making an adjustments or simply waits for a better time to strike.

This is similar to a hitter who has an exact idea of what pitch he wants to hit and has disciplined himself to lay off on any other pitch that is given.

Think about it. If every pitcher had their way, unless they have an ego and prefer strike outs, they would rather have you chase a pitch out of the zone or swing at a pitch that hits it’s location. That’s means less pitches they have to throw and more innings they can compete.

If you turn it the other way around, and we had it our way, we would wan’t every pitch to be put on a tee, also known as a “co$& shot”…….:)

So how do you get co&k shot fastballs??

Develop the focus and discipline to key hole one pitch, and simply not swing at anything else. Yes it may be a lot easier said than done, and you’re proably also wondering what to do if a pitcher is locating well and your just not getting any good pitches to hit.

Well that’s why baseball is called a game of adjustments.

You have to allow the game dictate the type of approach that you will have, by developing a good idea of what pitches you can drive and stay aggressive on that pitch.

That doesn’t mean you have he same approach with two strikes, but the ability to make the pitcher throw your pitch instead if his, will not only give you an advantage on hitting the ball hard but also for your 8 other team mates in the line up.

The more selectively aggressive you are, the more pitches you make him throw.

The more pitches he has to throw, the less he will hit his spots, and the earlier you get to face th bullpen.

The bull pen is where the magic happens, I mean those pitchers are in the bull pen for a reason.

It’s because there not as good.( sorry if you’re a reliever).

So if you want to learn how to get more c0$k shot fastballs down the middle and on a tee, learn to stay selectively aggressive on that pitch only, and dont’ miss it when you get it.

Stay tuned for some more batting tips and hitting drills that talk about other methods to hitting the fastball.

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