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How to hit a baseball like Miguel Cabrera


Last year Miggy made baseball history.

He was the first person to win the Triple Crown since Carl Yaztremski  went on a hitting tear for the Boston Red Sox when he batted .326, hit 44 HRs, and had 121 RBIs back in the late 60’s!


So how did Miggy do it?

More importantly ,” how did he make it look SO EASY?!!!!”.

Well I got your answer. He’s a master at keeping his hips, lower- half, and shoulders closed at the very last second until he explodes on the ball with incredible force.

Oh yea, and he also accomplishes this while achieving “minimal head-movement”!!!

Yes, he’s established himself as a bonafide big league hitter, but are you going to let his achievements intimidate you?

Don’t. I believe you can be just as successful as Miguel if you’re willing to apply the batting tips shared in this next video!

Watch this video and apply it in your hitting drills when you’ve mastered the concepts!

Did this video help you? Who’s swing would you like to see next?

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Aaron Weintraub on coaching the mental game w/ Art of Baseball


We all know the book mental game of baseball.

We all know who wrote the book. (H.A Dorfman)

What about the people within the baseball community who are aspring to take the torch?

Well, we have one of those torch bearers with us today ready to share with us what it was like working closely with a mental baseball expert like H.A Dorfman.

Aaron Weintraub joins us to discuss mental toughness and the importance of having a plan when preparing to effectively apply the mental game to your baseball career.

Enjoy this interview. Aaron shares some interesting bits of baseball wisdom nuggets!

The biggest misconception is that people think you only need a mental skills coach when you have a problem. It’s really for any athlete who is not as consistent as he wan’t to be.

-Aaron Weintraub

Coach Traub Website



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Dick Mills on the science of pitching w/ Art of Baseball


Many thanks to Dick Mills for investing his valuable time to share with us his passion for not only baseball but for teaching the art and science of pitching.

We all now that a pitching coach like Dick Mills doesn’t have time to waste on small talk so we made sure we asked him the important questions about pitching mechanics, arm strength  velocity, and who’s really getting the job done on the mound today.

I’d say 95% of the information at Art of Baseball deals with all things hitting and being a high impact player but if you happen to be both a pitcher as well as a position player I think this quick interview will help you in understanding what it will truly take to become a better pitcher.

I hope you find this interview of some value.

Please let me know what you think in the comments box below!

What did you learn from this quick baseball training interview video?

Anything interesting?

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How to Hit a Baseball like Bryce Harper


Who doesn’t want to have the AMAZING bat-speed and POP that Bryce Harper showcases on a day to day basis? He’s hands down one of the most exciting young players that have arrived in the MLB in a very long time.

In this video I’ll share with you a few simple to apply batting tips and adjustments that you can apply to your swing and approach to the plate that will have you driving the ball with more power!

Will you be able to hit the ball as hard and as far as Bryce Harper. Maybe not but you’ll never know unless you get of your BOOTY and hit the cages! GET TO WOOOORK!


So did you learn anything?

Do you have any questions about developing more momentum in your stride while attempting to generate maximum torque in your swing?

What about developing proper separation in your swing?

What kind of hitting drills have you applied to increase your bat speed and ability to drive the ball more consistently?

Tell me in the comment box below.

Who’s swing would you like to see in the next video?

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