Last year Miggy made baseball history.

He was the first person to win the Triple Crown since Carl Yaztremski  went on a hitting tear for the Boston Red Sox when he batted .326, hit 44 HRs, and had 121 RBIs back in the late 60’s!


So how did Miggy do it?

More importantly ,” how did he make it look SO EASY?!!!!”.

Well I got your answer. He’s a master at keeping his hips, lower- half, and shoulders closed at the very last second until he explodes on the ball with incredible force.

Oh yea, and he also accomplishes this while achieving “minimal head-movement”!!!

Yes, he’s established himself as a bonafide big league hitter, but are you going to let his achievements intimidate you?

Don’t. I believe you can be just as successful as Miguel if you’re willing to apply the batting tips shared in this next video!

Watch this video and apply it in your hitting drills when you’ve mastered the concepts!

Did this video help you? Who’s swing would you like to see next?

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    9 replies to "How to hit a baseball like Miguel Cabrera"

    • robert

      I have three guys who swing I would love to see you do a video on clemente johnny bench and duane Kuiper and if a forth is poss joe Jackson

      • johngalliera

        How does Kuiper get mentioned with Clemente, Shoeless Joe & JohnnyBench?

    • Danny Beistel

      You should do giancarlo stanton. I think he is has a great and unique swing

    • Jack

      Key to Miguel Cabrera’s swing is he gets on plane early, and he stays on plane throughout the whole swing. The key to his power is his extension. When he is at the very end of extension he lets go of his bottom hand to avoid rolling over. Before his hands start in his swing his right elbow attaches to the rib cage and does not leave that position until he starts to extend. He starts with his front shoulder down and back shoulder up, but when he swings they both move opposite of each other switching places. It is this movement that creates creates home runs. He does this so perfectly that he barely even uses his legs.

    • Krispy

      Good point about the lack of head movement. How do you get a hitter to reduce it once he has seen it on video?

      • Art of Baseball

        The best way is to compare it to a specific object in the background and adjust accordingly and or reduce the stride to a “no stride” and focus on purely a rotational swing.

    • Art of Baseball

      Hi Bomber! Yes if there is a stride, head movement is unavoidable. On the other hand, head movement is not something you necessarily need to avoid. A little head movement is fine. Thanks for the comment!

    • Bomber Lou

      New to your site. When you talk about head movement, do you mean it stays in the same place as he goes through the progression of his swing? If you have a stride, which he doesn’t wouldn’t you get some movement? What is acceptable if you stride? Great site.

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